Frida Reviews

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  • “Another high CBD strain lover here. Frida is a charming and disarming lady. I am not sure why it is classified as indica. It certainly is relaxing and calming, but that is due to the CBD. Anyway, reviews of high CBD strains rarely include "this weed ripped my face off - I was soooo stoned!' That is not the point of high CBD strains. But the example I purchased from The Novel Tree certainly does what it is supposed t...”

  • “Big fan of CBD strains and my expectations for them have previously been less nuggy, less sticky, less like the herb I'm used to.. and that's ok because that's the way it is. Then, along saunters ol' Frida with her super dense and sticky nugs looking large like mothers day brunch was the day before thanksgiving. It resembles a haze, like super lemon haze or other. Very enjoyable! I would call it an all day smoker. Fo...”

  • “Terpy and not very stoney at all which should be expected from high cbd. Still felt the thc, just not very prevalent.”

  • “I have fibromyalgia and sciatica. This strain is UNBELIEVABLE! I definitely plan on stocking up and keeping this in rotation. It works really fast is really strong. It's great for my insomnia too!”

  • “Provides very functional pain relief. βMyrcene 1.28 βCaryophyliene THC 6.76 CBD 15.37 CBG 0.81 CBN 0.29”

  • “Great for pain flares and anxiety. I just discovered this strain and it's quickly climbing the favorites chart.”

  • “I am a cannabis novice, but Frida has already become one strain that we're going to always want to have on hand. Frida's high CBD content really makes itself apparent in the easy going, quick acting relaxation one gets after just a couple of hits. However, with its higher THC content than some other CBD strains, I feel a bit more fuzziness in the head than with something like ACDC. My only mild knock on Frida is t...”

  • “"Frida" is the BEST strain for my osteoarthritis at night, and helps with the side effects from cancer med's.”