Ghost Ship Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I picked up this strain during a trip to Colorado recently and I definitely recommend it. The buds were covered in delicious crystals. Great for relaxing at night. Smoking this strain before bed for some reason always gave me vivid weird dreams.”

  • “I am a very experienced smoker and am very selective about my indica strains. However, this strain impressed me. Very typical "kushy" taste and smell. Hits instantly in the head and outer extremities with a light buzz and tingle. Eventually it settles throughout the body releasing a wave of overwhelming relaxation. Not too sleepy but definitely feeling sedated. Awesome smoke but will warn novice users to proceed with...”

  • “When it came to easing period cramps, this strain was great. However, don't take this if you're nauseous--it amplified the effects in my case. Over all very good experience!”

  • “excellent for indica lovers. As with most indicas, dry mouth and dry eyes are a problem sometimes but is still extremely relaxing and euphoric.”

  • “I’m super picky about my Indicas, (FYI to dispensaries: US INDICA HEADS KNOW WHEN YOU LABEL SHIT “INDICA HYBRID” and put it on special to get rid of what you’re not selling, when it’s a 50/50 hybrid at best) having said that I love this strain. It’s easily top 5 pure indicas, which is all I really smoke these days, I’ve found in My town. Copped it at Infinite Wellness in Fort Collins, CO, who’s service system isn’t ...”

  • “I highly recommend for anxiety. These buds aren't purple, but they're a dark green that isn't far from it. Physically, this strain resembles a typical 'purple' strain - smallish nugs, dense, and frosty with trichomes. The smell is an earthy citrus/berry mix, and the flavor is light and slightly fruity. Good yield in kief catchers.”

  • “it helped out with pain in my leg and it helped with my anxiety.”

  • “Good all around strain with tons of fruity flavor and a grape kush smell. The buds can get very frosty with deep purple tones that come at the end of flower. The high is decent for a regular consumer, great for movies and chill time. I find it helps reduce stress and alleviate anxiety as well, and not a bad sleep aid.”