Grape Valley Kush

Grape Valley Kush

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What is Grape Valley Kush?

Grape Valley Kush is an indica-dominant cross of SFV OG and Grape Kush bred by Moxie Seeds. The earthy aroma of this strain mixes with flavors of pine and sweet citrus to bring on full-bodied relaxation with a hint of social energy that makes this strain good for relaxing with friends in your down time.

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Grape Valley Kush Effects and Attributes

Dry Eyes

Grape Valley Kush Genetics and Grow Info

Parents of Grape Valley Kush

Grape Valley Kush Flavors

  • 1. Berry
  • 2. Grape
  • 3. Pine

Review Highlights

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“I picked up this strain over at Shango Las Vegas, the only Dispensary in town to have it at the moment. The cultivators knew exactly what they were doing with this one. Dark green and purple buds that were covered in trichomes, literally looks as though they rolled it in sugar! Fruity aroma in the front at first and then you get the kushy smell. The buds were super dense and the smallest nug broke up to a large amoun...”

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“The feeling hits just a few minutes after smoking. Totally relaxed and all stress has dissolved. Great for anxiety and difficulty relaxing. First time ever smoking this strain and I already know that this will be added to the rotation lol Has a great flavor, you can totally get the berry and fruitiness, even as a fairly new smoker with what I would call “a pallet in training”.”


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