The Hog Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The hog is fire. All these people leaving negative reviews don't know anything. We don't want a review of someones terrible growing abilities. The hog I'm smoking is tested at 29 percent from analytical and is amazing. Tastes of hash, limes, pepper and blue cheese. Great body high. Can feel behind your eyes immediately. Has me feeling couch locked and not even wanting to put my wet clothes in the dryer. Gonna take a ...”

  • “Hog is a very good, classic strain. Quick head change and nice, natural flavor. This has become one of my favorites because it's never disappointing and none of it's effects are too extreme. Only downside is that depending on the environment, it can give you a good case of the giggles, but that's not really a downside, now is it. I highly recommend Hog if you're just looking for a good ol' high.”

  • “I grew this strain indoors. Very hairy. Decent yield. High was unique for me. Strong body buzz, with a nice subtle undertone of head high as well. Also, usually Indicas make me want to relax, this did not sway me either way. I actually walked 8 miles to a friend's house because it felt like it was a nice night for a walk.”

  • “Good for pain”

  • “One of my all time favorites, The Hog. Nugs are hard as rocks, burns slow, smooth earthy flavor. Quick and stoney effects. Great for migraines, hunger and pain. The best Hog around is in the Springs at FRAM.”

  • “Very much a medicinal odor, but as others have stated, if you do too much (If that is possible) you will go into "la la land" (which is not all that bad right?). Really good for end of day smoke/Vape. Relaxing and gets rid of my neuropathy pain and back pain really quick and lasts enough for me to get to sleep! One strain i've NOT had the munchies with Yea!”

  • “WOW!! I'm really blown away by this girl!! WONDERFUL taste and effects!! Smoked one bowl and was GOOOOOD! Very good for relaxation and anxiety relief. I was worried about the overbearing couch-lock I have heard about with this strain but I was able to relax without much lethargy. I'm very fortunate to have been able to get some of this special flower!!!!”

  • “HOG has a definite medicinal aroma to it unlike anything I have ever smelled. It was grown hydro and really well cared for. I would have to say if your looking for a great relaxing smoke, this will be the one, however watch out because if you over do it the strength will leave you sitting there on your butt staring off into space with a loss of time and forgetting about your surroundings! A friend was actually starin...”