Ingrid Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The first strain i tried for chemotherapy-induced nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite. After first use i went from nearly heaving at the thought of any food to craving - and eating - Mexican food (peppers and all). Therefore i think this strain is God.”

  • “Ingrid is a special flower. Highly potent, she'll hit you in one or two tokes. And you'll feel her effects immediately. I felt them as much in my head as in my body -- perhaps atypical of an Indica-dominant strain. Very trippy and psychedelic after smoking one joint. The body high was intense, as well. I felt a numbness in my face and mouth, and a general slowness and heaviness to my limbs. My sense of time slowed to...”

  • “I have bought this strain twice now for my MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and it has done the best yet for my MS.”

  • “smells like dog poo and chron but nice lasting impact on your pain defiantly great for my insomnia. No license required ;).”

  • “Good after a long day. Can chill, yet still talk. Mellow, yet intense. Take a couple hours before bed. Don't plan on going out and about.”

  • “Strong Indica strain. Picked up at local dispensary. Seriously knocks you on ass. 1 bowl and say good night.”

  • “1/8 30$ smells like dog poop, but really it's a strong purple kush kind of smell but the tree is lime green with some middle tone through the leaves, nice frosted very coated in trics, maybe good wax? top shelf, instant stress relief”

  • “I had heard a few nice things about Ingrid before I tried it but never saw it at the collective,today I finally got a gram and smoked .6 on a raw hemp joint and at first 5 minutes it hits your body relaxed effects followed by heavy headiness then it keeps creeping up behind your eyes this one is sleep help for sure solid indica the smell was cheesy, and it looked really bright green it was a rock solid nug with a few...”