Katsu Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of my favorite strains, an Indica done right in AZ, I've seen rich purple hues and plenty of resin on their buds. I have always loved the sweet earthy scent of it, no doubt high in myrcene. I also know that in addition to high THC and strong showings of CBD, Katsu is naturally higher in CBN, prior to oxidation. A perfect strain for evenings and nights to relax the mind and sedate the body.”

  • “Heavenly. I use it at night often. my psoriatic arthritis flames up and Katsu helps the inflammation down.”

  • “The Katsu cut of Pre-98 Bubba Kush. Decent evening/pm medication with good body for providing pain relief.”

  • “Magical body melt in-da-couch!...chronic pain relief bliss...stress unknown on planet Zorkon...”

  • “Not sure if the katsu is the mother to the bubba kush, an s1 of the pre98 or if its just a chosen phenotype. This tends to be more chocolately /coffee than the bubba that leans towards the OG, both being extremely earthy. Between the different varities im not entirely sure what is what, but i do know this is some killer smoke, most likely afghan. Most have hints of purple coloration. Starts behind the eyes and works...”

  • “Highly recommended to anyone with a chronic illness suffering from insomnia. Also acts as an antispasmodic, working from inside to help knock you out and keep you down. Make sure to be ready for sleep before consuming this strain. Worth seeking out for any fellow MSer. Sleep well!”

  • “A nice Afghan/ Hindu cut,tastes pineyearthynutty lots of pinene very spicey on the intake but sooooooo earth/hashy on the way out! The particular cut ive got also hints at charas aroma on the exhale.must have sum pretty nice thc /cbd regulation going on wich isn't rare for these magnificent landraces of indica. heavy narco stone nice pain killer esp. back,knees, lower extremity and inflammation problems, but all arou...”

  • “instantly felt the relaxing buzz from the flower. was pretty stressed I had to drive so far to get it then got caught in traffic. once I got home and tried this, instantly felt relaxed.”