Mars OG

Mars OG

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Mars OG is one spacey indica. Coming out of the California Bay Area, Mars OG has been given its planetary name in reference to its growing conditions. Planetary strains refer to strains which began indoors and were moved outdoors to complete the grow cycle in more natural conditions. The end result is a dense bud with a high flower-to-leaf ratio that produces a heavy-handed body buzz. With a hearty, thick taste and pungent smell, Mars OG will take away your pains and easily put you to sleep.

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Strain Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Eye Pressure
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes


  • 1. Earthy
  • 2. Pungent
  • 3. Pine

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“Such a fun strain! But don't plan to do anything important on it. Within 10 minutes of smoking this strain i had lost my keys, phone and shoes. It was just a chain of losing things and searching for them. Once I was able to locate everything I settled into a relaxing and cerebral high. Definitely out of this world!”

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“Not one to typically post much about my personal review of strains, I mean we all know our own favorites that 9/10X, we like those household names that don't disappoint. But this stuff here, has got me just right on 1/3rd of a J, going on close to 40 minutes since the last toke. Yes, still early but it has a STRONG POTENCY that has me feeling 'perfectly' medicated for the 1st time in quite a while.”


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