Master OG Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “ you have in your head "I'd like to get stare off into the abyss kinda high and eat Doritos" well, belly on up to the bar with good Ol Master OG. The master is not to be taken lightly. In fact, if master OG and I were to go in a boxing ring together, OG would hand me my ass and a pillow and just because he's a gentlemen he would get me the Doritos too....”

  • “Master OG is some form of the cross Master Kush x OG Kush. I got it from Greendaze in Danville, CA and it was some extremely awesome medicine. Highly recommend trying it - it's crystally with a VERY kushy smell and it has a wonderful smooth kush aftertaste and great initial head high that melts into a soothing body high.”

  • “Bought for $5/G since this particular grow was puffy as a marshmallow. Since this was their only $5 indica, I didn't even bother to smell it. Closer inspection of the buds didn't real too many trichromes on the larger leaves, but further inspection revealed a heavy build up in the center. The smell was pure lemon and pine as to be expected by most kush strains. It may have been puffy and felt dry, but this strain rol...”

  • “Great strain... 10 mins after smoking I was laughing my ass off for no reason, which in my book is the best kind of weed :)”

  • “🌬😴 Master O.G. is more resemblant to a Kush than it is an O.G. Nice, dark green with deep orange hairs and classic earthy smell to it. This strain is a pretty nice indica dominant hybrid with nothing too special about it. It seems to be a prime candidate for slipping into a deep relaxation and not a strain you would want to smoke before work. I personally feel it doesn't compete with the sedation of a nicely grown ...”

  • “A five-star strain. The buds were covered in trichomes, very sticky. A beautiful strain to look at. The smell is immediate, even through a ziplock bag. It's very dank; a potent skunky smell. It has a slight peppery aroma, as well. It hits a bit harsh. Taking big hits will make you cough up a good one. The taste is a nutty to dirt-like flavor; very earthy. The effects start off all in your head. A very, very pot...”

  • “I've been smoking 1 to 2grams of flower a day for a few months and felt like I wasn't getting high anymore. MK changed me mind. Kush is king.”

  • “Date: April 10, 2017 Location: Next Harvest (The Dabb), Colorado Type: Flower THC: 20% Odor/taste: piney and earthy. great smell Nugs: big and dense deep green with slight purple (that may be caused by Colorado growing conditions) Affects: Pain relief and anxiety relief. Great for after workouts and to create an appetite. I smoked this when I was suffering from a severely infected molar with infection and didn't wan...”