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MK Ultra Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Overall well rounded strain! Look smell and taste is exactly what you would want in a good medicinal bud!!! ... Customer service was AWESOME!. This is place is definatly here for the patient!!!”

  • “Good all around strain! Taste, smell and looks are exactly what you would want from a bud!!.. Customer service is AWESOME!!!”

  • “MK Ultra is my new dispensary favorite! Works great for pain, and sleep, which is what I'm looking for, and the buzz is great. I generally prefer Indicas, and this one of the best strains available at”

  • “My new favorite strain. From T.J.'s. For the first time in a long time I didn't know if I could finish the J we rolled. Ha”

  • “Good. very good. fav indica right now. Heavy high, happy and relaxing. always glad to find weed strong enough like this.”

  • “This strain is incredible! It hits hard! 3 bowls had me in another world like high. Great for relaxing, having a beer and destressing from all the shit in the world. Inspires you. Now what are you waiting for? Spark it up!”

  • “Those of you that has the flip like I do. This strain wake me up and I don't smoke this at night or else I'm up all night. So I smoke this in the morning before I begin my day. In my experience I do receive a little headache but it goes away within 5 minutes or so. I do feel focused as well.”

  • “I love this strain. It gives you an uplifting, psychedelic, happy, relaxing, physically stoned but very introspective buzz. Definitely not a social buzz. You will see immediately the Kush origins while tasting the Earth and Sweet, Hashish-like aromas. The fruity aroma is hard to define because it's too subtle compare to the other 3. This is a very strong breed even sometimes with veterans so it's not for beginners. T...”