MK Ultra Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Tbh this strain really intensifies feelings of arousal in me. Then it makes me sleepy. Very good to smoke with my s/o on a night in.”

  • “VERY potent indica, lots of trichs formed on the surface of the bud, very tasty. Extreme tendency to cause couch lock. Definite recommend”

  • “The cut I got was VERY strong. Very good for stress, sleep, and panic attacks. The smell was very skunky with a slight chemical after-smell. The taste was very strong, with a slightly harsh smoke. Effects were long-lasting (2.5-3.5 hour range for me) and tingling in the limbs was a notable effect.”

  • “Pungent, potent medicine. Works well with ADHD, PTSD and anxiety too.”

  • “looks good, smells great, and tastes very smooth. The high is nice as well - a very relaxing indica + euphoric elements.”

  • “Had this not too long ago. One of the best Indica's I have smoked.”

  • “Probably by far the best strain I've ever come across. I kept some in storage for a month and upon vaporizing it it had the most delightful rosey, jasmine and floral taste and aroma. Surely this is a heavy hitting indica with mind altering effects. If I ever come across this strain again I'm definitely grabbing a load of it. I'd recommend the same for you too.”

  • “This is a wonderful strain for pain. It instantly eliminates pain and gives you a happy buzz in the processes.”