MK Ultra Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This was a good indica, great for relaxation and appetite, but it's not greatly for getting off the couch. The expansion is quick in the lungs and can bring some coughing. In the end, this is a solid nighttime smoke.”

  • “Disappointing.”

  • “Like a fine wine this strain is to be cherished and smoked out of your cleanest of glass. Light it, inhale. Hold that shit in. Bask in the glory of the taste of this tasty gem. Its similar to a Cinnabon drizzled in its bukkake of icing. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks. I've seen it take down many a strong toker. You've be warned”

  • “Fast asleep in about 45 minutes.”

  • “This is a very very good strain for when immediate release of stress ineeded I got this at a whooping 89 % thc flake from S.C " Santa Cruz " . C.H.A.I . TOP 10 undoubtedly.”

  • “Using it for back lower pain and it really helps I use a Vape Ape”

  • “Love the earth and richness of how dank these buds are very nice and I even see a little purple here too. It hits hard in your sore spots, before slightly stonerism kicks in. MK Ultra is a classic and its even more rare than sour diesel here. I've found that mk's Pungent woody earthy flavors are just perfect for not too much of a cotton mouth. I rate this with flying colours for pain, stress, insomnia, anorexia that ...”

  • “This is the best indica for pain I have encountered by a long shot. I have both vaped it as pure flower and dabbed a BHC MK Ultra - Shiatsu Kush blend and my pain disappeared instantly and for quite some time using both forms. Plus, the high was intense. I felt observant and creative, yet relaxed and euphoric. Turns a grumpy mood into a great one within minutes. Truly provides the best of all effects.”