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MK Ultra Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Excellent! Quick onset of deep relaxation and mind bending acrobatics. Like a previous review mentioned, it didn't make me sleepy per se, just very relaxed. During the day it gives a slight energy boost on top of the deep relaxed feeling. My sample was covered in trichomes which separated easily. Not sticky at all. Piney and minty notes very noticeable when vaporized. Out of a bong, the smell and taste are plea...”

  • “Dopeeeeeee”

  • “A personal favorite. Carries the power and heavy effects of the best indica lineage - as well as being long-lasting and smooth. Recommended for those who enjoy a heavy indica with a cerebral emphasis.”

  • “I'm always on the lookout for strains that aids in insomnia, and this one was pretty neat; Nice tinging, and then you have a nice sleep.”

  • “The gram was a tasty birthday present. Fast, strong, long lasting. It started as a mood brightening, clear headed sativa, and over a span of 15 minutes was almost like the beginning of psychedelic. Waves of euphoria lifted me as I appreciated beauty and found it everywhere. Relaxing zone outs became more prevalent in the second hour. It was easy to stay awake and sleep was still an option, if you know what I mean. ...”

  • “By far my favorite strain! Great head high but also relaxes the body wonderfully!”

  • “so good really love this strain,Really only know about it because of the movie but overall great.”

  • “I felt very smooth, like my body on the inside had been sanded and glossed abundantly. wow that's a weird way of thinking of it”