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MK Ultra Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Straight to sleep. Awesome bedtime weed. ZzzZ zzzZZzz zzZZz...”

  • “Great strain, really hit me good each and every toke, would definitely recommend.”

  • “Nice tight buds earthy flavor and a citrus fruity scent with orange hairs and a beautiful green coloring!”

  • “This will help you relax...and sink right into the couch. Excellent for those mellow evenings.”

  • “You lie on your stomach on the massage table. Your face is pressed in the hole of the headrest thing, and a towel drapes over your booty. The massage therapist steps up next to you. You take a deep breath, ready to indulge in the experience. The fingers have landed and so it begins. At first it is like 'WOAH!" but then it is like 'Woah," but then it is like "wooooaahhh.." Your muscles relax and your stresses fade awa...”

  • “This is the Bomb for pain relief and all things medicinal. I got mine in a evergreen Vape cartridge at mari J's in Everett.”

  • “Hard hitting strain. Tried a pre roll of this and it was great for just chilling, didn't do much after smoking it.”

  • “I liked this bud alot great taste and its really strong the stuff I got was 24% thc, don't take much to feel this one. overall I would buy it again.”