MK Ultra Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Okay so I'm a pretty seasoned smoker, and damn this stuff kicked my ass. It's a great nighttime strain due to the heavy indica yet has an incredibly soaring euphoric cerebral high like a sativa. Definitely not for lightweights, this is a great strain I'll definitely get again.”

  • “Truly a wonderful bud. The grower that grew the stuff I picked up had it in like baby food jars, and I've bought their Jack Herrer before and wasn't totally displeased. Smelled kinda like hay, nugs were more fluffy than dense, overall not high hopes for this. But DAMN, dank or not this bud gets me ripped as fuck! Intense euphoria centered on the back of the skull and above the eyes and a body buzz that leaves a linge...”

  • “A powerful strain, but also a powerful headache if you smoke more than 2 joints. definaltely a on the couch high.”

  • “A little disappointing, but it could be me not the bud. OG Kush acts more as a sativa when I smoke it and G13 relaxes my muscles but I get ZERO high from it, its as if I smoke a pure CBD product. Therefore the soo soo effects are not surprising. Nonetheless I do have more left so if the 2nd time around I experience a more profound effect, I'll be happy to update my review.”

  • “Sleeeeep aid”

  • “I found it "meh"”

  • “I love how long lasting the high is.”

  • “One of the best buds I've had. The high alleviated all my anxiety and pain, I wouldn't smoke it if you have something to do though. It also left me very worn out”