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MK Ultra Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great strain. Hits timely and last.”

  • “Wonderful sweet woody smell, and a strong relaxing sleepy high.”

  • “Great bud, excessive trichomes, purple leaves, pure head and body buzz.”

  • “holy cow! This stuff works faster than fast. Super fast head high and super fast body Buzz. Again, one of my new favorites from Swell!”

  • “Was a Great Indica strains. One of the best trimmed and cured Had the resins pouring out the end of my blunt. Thanks Pikes Peak for offering such awesome strains and prices. Paid 100 for a 29 gram Onion. you guys rock.”

  • “Very nice indica strain. The bud tender warned me it was very strong, which it was but i didnt really experience any couch lock. Nice mental dream state and very body relaxing. I enjoyed it a lot but not sure i would buy it again. It was good but nothing exceptional for me, i wouldnt be disappointed to get it again but i would rather have another indica strain.”

  • “Light-green flower, lots of crystals, with a strong aroma best describes this strain from the visual and olfactory perspectives. I've commented before that I am not keen to Indicas, but recently I have been implimenting them into my post-workout regimen. All I may say is this is some dank ass tree, people. This strain is not for activities other than sitting and maybe stretching. Perfect for calling it a night and sl...”

  • “the buzz is all it has going for it. the batch that i got was to dry. made it harsh to smoke.”