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MK Ultra Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “WOW,, phenomenal strain. ULLLLLLTTTTRRRRAAAA”

  • “Beautifully balanced strain with a subtle but noticeable cerebral buzz and relaxation that rivals getting a massage. Makes you warm, fuzzy, and sleepy all in a kicked back trance state of mind..... Also seems to function as an aphrodisiac as this strain makes me lunch tents like a family out on a camping trip. Shits weird but I love it”

  • “Great smoke. Very smooth, very little burn. Now down to brass tacks... I used this strain at a high dosage to assist in benzodiazepine withdrawal. It relieved the nausea, and insomnia that would couple this detox providing me the physical strength needed. It is currently using its hypnotic effects to replace large amounts of time that would be spent actively avoiding panic attack triggers.”

  • “Just blazed some MK Ultra. Two snapper bowls and head is slightly dazed. Three snapper bowls in and head is decompressing. Head feeling heavier. This is the most head focused indica I've ever had. I should have figured as much with such a name. Smell is strange. Usually it doesn't matter what kind of weed, skunky or not, the smell is lovely to me. But this stuff is like a cross between cheese and stank ass body odor,...”

  • “I work heavy on Diesel. At the end of a long day, MK definitely does the trick of helping me with aches and pains.”

  • “Great strain very numbing awesome for before bed :)”

  • “This is one of my night strains. Cracked open some nugs and ripped two bowls from my bong and I am completely ready for bed right now. My eyes are closing, body relaxing, workout pain melting away and anxiety slowly disappearing. A great strain to end the day with.”

  • “Great evening antidote for what ails you! I've been grappling with intense arthritic hip that wakes me up in the night, but I had a solid seven hour sleep on this without pain and woke up rested and alert. Beautiful indica effects without turning into a paranoid wreck. Recommended highly.”