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MK Ultra Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smooth yet mellow. Tasty and lasting! I love the look of this strain but the taste. mmmmmm... If you are a taste strain person - try this out for sure! Euphoria with a side of munchies as well.”

  • “the best indica. top 3 favorite strains all time”

  • “definitely my favorite Indica, perfect right before bedtime with some good tunes and cozy PJs .”

  • “very good for pain and sleeping”

  • “really nice strain picked up it at 420 Toronto”

  • “Very good strain, super potent and tasty. Heavy body effects great for my back pain and perfect for before bed or lazy Netflix days. Felt it hit me hard and instantly, I'm generally high tolerance, so this one is a keeper for sure.”

  • “very enjoyable indica, i bet if i find it with better thc levels it will floor me even more...”

  • “Fantastic! Great taste! Hits like a hammer right between the eyes! Strong high with couch lock effect.. A true indica in every sense. It's my regular bud of choice now . Well worth trying”