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3.8| 4 Reviews

What is Mossad?

Mossad is an indica-dominant strain bred by Terraform Genetics, who crossed a Conspiracy Kush male with the Kosher Kush female. This San Fernando Valley strain may express one of two sets of characteristics depending on the phenotype. The first (dubbed Mossad OG) takes after its OG heritage, with frosty and dense buds that exhibit a unique calyx structure. Its aroma is a sweet and herbal mix of rose and sage, and its effects will leave you feeling mellow and relaxed following a slightly energetic cerebral buzz. The second phenotype (referred to as Mossad Kush) inherits more characteristics from Conspiracy Kush, boasting a hashy, earthy aroma accented by sour lemons.

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Mossad Effects and Attributes


Mossad Genetics and Grow Info

Mossad Flavors

  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Lemon
  • 3. Earthy

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“I got the pheno with the hashy, earthy, and sour lemon type. A very enjoyable smoke; cerebral punch to the face followed by a couch melt. I think the rothstrain vich just drank too much haterade”

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“Sweet taste so thats a +1. Nico little flow you get in. Really one of the best i dicas there is”


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