Nordle Reviews

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  • “This was my first time trying any kind of cannabis in over 10 years. I only experimented occasionally in my youth, for a year or two when I first when to college. My experiences were very mixed, but for the most part, I didn't like it. I decided to start researching cannabis use again as I've developed terrible insomnia which is brought on by anxiety attacks at night. Also, I do enjoy having a drink, but I'd like...”

  • “Great medical strain. Sweet, sugary smell. Doesn't produce a strong cough. High CBD and modest/low THC levels, making it a poor choice for recreational users but a perfect choice for many medical users. The effects of this plant are amazing. It creates such a mild high that it is almost unnoticeable. What is noticeable is how wonderful you will feel. The effects on anxiety/PTSD is simply amazing. The high CBD/THC rat...”

  • “Sweet strain. I have been researching cbd for a while thinking it may hold the answer to my treatment resistant depression and anxiety. 10 years of mental illness and pain is long enough. I finally got access to cbd nordle from cbd crew. tested at 8% cbd, 16% thc. It has noticeably reduced my chronic stomach pain, anxiety, and depression. Has worked 5x better than any psych meds I have tried (i've tried about 20) and...”

  • “Great strain! Only downside or positive side is the CBD is just as high as the THC with this strain. It's more of a body stone, bringing pain relief for me and my MS.”

  • “Got this strain as Argyle from Tweed as a Canadian Medical Marijuana patient. I would say that this is a great strain for starters and equally for those experienced. Experienced medical users often have a nice cheap form of medicine with high amounts of CBD, this is what stashes that section for me. Taking this up on its own, or mixed to support another strain, you can't go wrong with this stuff. Anything with high ...”

  • “The most amazing strain for migraines/pain EVER! I haven't been able to find it since I got a little not knowing what I had. The day after I bought it I woke up with the worst altitude/tension/sinus migraine I've had in a long time...I thought we were stuck, there was no way I could drive; I could barely open my eyes. So I gave it a shot: 2 tokes and 2 minutes later it was gone! No pharmaceutical has ever been so fas...”

  • “very good high cbd strain, probably one of my favorite cbd cannabis strains. nice mellow body feel, and very nice slight head high, nice relaxation, or for pain inflammation. tastes a little like Afghan but with that distinctive cbd cannabis taste, but overall pretty good tasting. would smoke again. tested at 10%/10% ratio from urban wellness in Albuquerque”

  • “Smooth and calming, high in CBD. This stuff smells like turkish delight (walnuts and sugar and fruit) and gives a light, pleasant stone. Its pretty easy on the mind; I thought it was weak at first but the CBD effect is fabulous.”