Opal OG Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Recently returned to smoking after a long hiatus. This strain is my favorite. Almost instant euphoria. This strain is clear headed, and makes me feel energized initially. Also helps me with sexual arousal and performance. Eventually relaxes like the indica dom it's suppose to be. Unlike others I think this would be a great strain for those new to cannabis , due to no paranoia or memory loss. Versatile strain for day...”

  • “Picked this up at Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham, WA. It was grown by Nine Point Growth Industries indoors in soil in Kitsap County, WA. Harvested 6-2-2014, tested 6-23-14. Moisture content was 5.28%. The buds feature some purple, green, and red colors. It is a hybrid originating from a Frankenstein and Lemon OG Kush. The strain gives a nice, relaxing and powerful effect. Great for focused interest or just relaxing...”

  • “This was a wonderfully euphoric experience. Spotted this tonight at the Walla Walla Weedery. It was a little dry but exhibited an array of colors and still tasted just like an OG Kush should. This was earthy with hints of lavender. Very uplifting and almost giggly until the full body high sinks in. It's a clear headed high and would make for a great sleep aid.”

  • “Almost like a sativa, though it has a very high Indica content. Very good for feeling creative and euphoric. The good bit only lasts an hour or two, then the indica hits you hard and you just want to lay down. A fantastic strain for work nights. Do some drawing or writing, then put on some headphones and fall asleep. This is a great Indica for people who normally smoke sativas Bads: Comes with munchies.”

  • “Pretty standard Indica type strain that has a pretty powerful sedative effect (80% Indica). I found myself relaxed and deep in thought (in a good way). This would be a good strain to use if you need to relieve stress and get some good sleep. In the right setting (for me comfortable and quiet) this may also help with anxiety as it allows one to think deeply and calmly.”

  • “Pretty good stuff, expensive but nice to be part of the beginning of legalization. Not very dense or pretty but gets the job done.”

  • “Solid Indica strain that will both relax and lighten your mood. Not a good strain if you need to be productive, but a solid strain for a night watching your favorite films, playing your favorite video games or exploring your artistic creativity. There's a distinct smell to this bud, keep it wrapped tight or your whole room will smell! Highly recommended, probably not a good choice for novice smokers, but vetera...”

  • “calm down”