Pink Bubba Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very potent, great for stress, insomnia and anxiety. It's one of my preferred indica strains. Beautiful nighttime use and aroma in the air!”

  • “This stuff comes on smoothly, at first you notice the gradually intensifying mind buzz, then comes the completely relaxing body stone and dreamy euphoria. Can be slightly psychedelic, this stuff will give you the munchies bad! you'll want to eat everything in sight but you will be too damn couch locked to do anything about it! Great for relaxing and listening to music, perfect for de-stressing and getting a comfy n...”

  • “What a great strain! Very powerful. Can be overwhelming for a beginner. Very complex set of taste dominated by it citrus and pine aroma.Perfect for long video game or LAN-party nights. Great smoke, what else can you ask in life!!! This thing is a powerful and will leave you stoned for a little while. Good to sleep too but I prefer this one for more relax activities.”

  • “Very sweet, skunky, pungent floral smell. Heavy, penetrating terpenes make my mouth water. Very strong essential oils. The effect is extremely relaxed, carefree, good for sleep, decent for pain and appetite. I can really tell the different subtle elements of both strains within pink bubba. Meditative and medicinal comes on fast and hard creating a body melting feeling. Takes you right to the couch. Great nighttime he...”

  • “Really REALLY liked this strain. Great to wake and bake, wouldnt recommend doing so if you have stuff to do that day. Such a couch lock strain. Very mellow and relaxing. Recommend for older adults.”

  • “I don't think it's wise to rate strains as 5 Stars but I think it's warranted when it comes to Pink Bubba. In fact, I'm not going to say much more because I read everyone else's reviews (by date) and basically the 5 or 6 most recent posts say it all! Awesome strain, so tasty, nice density, classic smells emanating from some very nice nuggets. If you are lucky enough to find some fresh, properly flushed and cured P...”

  • “This is a very nice cross, of 2 fantastic kush strains. Excellent at night. Helps with pain, and sleep. It's making me sleepy as I type this out :)”

  • “Feelings of relaxation with minimal cognitive activity. Body feels relaxed without increased psychological activity, good for a night in vegging out. Does not leave you feeling hazy even though there's reduced psychological stimulation.”