Purple Afghani Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It has that stinky, cheesy, musty, dank smell, like Ingrid or UK Cheese. My microscope inspection revealed plenty of gorgeous, matured trichromes that were either perfectly clear or hazy and sugary-looking. EXCELLENT for anxiety, and I have no doubt that it will help me sleep incredibly well tonight.”

  • “this is the best smelling afgan out there... super dense hard rock ass nugs bring a intense high and sleep haha”

  • “When grown right, this is possibly the best Indica-dominant medical strain out there. Pungent, sweet earthy smell not unlike a combination of coffee and berries, smoke is delicious, rich, spicy and sweet. Beautiful, multicolored buds tinged with purple, just dense enough to be easy to break up for smoking. Smokes well every which way-- joints, bingers, pipes, bubblers, you name it. Medically it's my go-to strain, the...”

  • “A very strong pungent afghani smell and taste. Honeycomb dabs that are very beautiful. Goes right to the head and makes me sleepy and stoned.”

  • “This strain gives me a nice mellow high.”

  • “this is one of the best weed ever..REALLY..NO KIDDING..mine is full brown..no green..super dry.. every psychiatrist and psycholog have to have this..at the begginning of the session give one to your patient.. s/he will say.. oooo it's all good now.. hahaha it's like good high with perfect sedative effects..it hits a little later (like 15 mins) but when it hits..think like super purple relaxation..actually it's the be...”

  • “Very tasty co2. Very gentle come on with awesome relaxing and calming properties. Not overpowering or too heavy, yet great pain relief and calmness. So far no anxiety or paranoia that I've been getting from the purple strains of concentrate lately. Highly recommended for after work and winding down before bed.”

  • “Nice buds from this shop. Nice rolling weed and a pleasant taste when smoked.”