Purple Cheddar Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This isn't a cross of "cheese" and GDP. It is a far superior cross of "Exodus Cheese" which is a deciple of Skunk #1 and GDP. The stench is so rediculous, skunky,grape fruitiness. The buds are spongy with tints of purple,black and it's covered with sticky trichomes. UK Cheese and Exodus Cheese are very different”

  • “Diggity Diggity DANK! This strain has climbed to my #1 favorite strain of all time instantly. I picked this up from Good Meds Lakewood and I'm telling you that those growers know what they're doing. This is a stone I will remember for a long time. heady, heavy, relaxing, and very euphoric all at the same time. what a dank smoke. pick this up if you ever come across it, it's some fire.”

  • “Like everyone says, it tastes amazing! Prior to vaping (thanks UGD!!!🙏😊), I was in a lot of pain & had anxiety all day. After 4 or 5 puffs...life is good! Only half dumb, nearly pain free (8/10 reduced to 4/10), anxiety free & melted into my heavenly seat. A creeper & a keeper!!!!”

  • “Connoisseur genetics delivers again! I really love this strain because it's really one of the most indica indica strains I've tried. Effects were a intense body high that left me feeling sleepy and happy. Smell was on point, a very pungent cheese scent. Buds were quite unique looking, dense and a very dark purple green. Highly recommend! Connoisseur”

  • “One of the best tasting strains I've ever smoked. Rich wine and cheese flavor comes through on every last hit. The high itself is great for stress and pain relief as well as loss of appetite. The Herbal Cure is where I always grab it. Outstanding.”

  • “Really like the look and taste of these buds !..a nice n quick sedation and relaxation kicked in..ready to get some rest now”

  • “Creative and tasty.”

  • “Perfect strain if you're planning on sitting back all day and watching tv”