Purple Hindu Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Love this strain. Helps with PTSD, as a vet I recommend this for anyone who struggle to fall asleep”

  • “this strain is one of my favorite indicas, absolutely love it. has a grapey/earthy taste to it & a mellow/euphoric & spacey type high. definitely recommend with insomnia.”

  • “If you have ADHD this strain is perfect. A lot of it is good for sleep, and a little bit is good for anxiety and concentration. Thanks mother nature!”

  • “Picked some up to help me sleep. I got more than what I bargained for! Not only did I sleep like a baby but it gave me an incredible psychoactive and psychedelic experience that was very comfortable and relaxing to experience! Toke up, kill the lights, throw on your favorite tunes and just drift away!”

  • “I've been an avid cannabis consumer for many years and I will hands down say this is my number one strain. Incredible body high and one of the only strains I've found can put me to bed asap.”

  • “The very definition of a mellow, relaxing Indica. Perfect for stress and pain.”

  • “I find these Kush type strains tend to be the most relaxing and effective for mitigating stress and anxiety and Purple Hindu Kusk (aka Jaegr) is no exception. With a genetic lineage going back to the plants which thrive in the cool dry air of the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, PHK effects are sedative, anxiolytic, and somatic, with the latter providing enhancement of physical sensation and psychic emersion in...”

  • “very anesthetic high, has both the mellow drowsiness and euphoria of the Purple Kush, but more of the taste and outward appearance of the Hindu parent. not very social, but great for personal use. would work well as relief from insomnia and pain, and is great for thinking, so grab a notebook.”