Purple OG Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “As an indica lover looking for strains that put me to sleep, I had high hopes for this strain but was heavily disappointed. This strain smelled wonderful, tasted great and was a beautiful smoking experience, but I did not feel relaxed or tired. Instead, I felt energetic, focused and productive. I smoked this right before bed and stayed up for 2 hours doing "work" on my computer. I actually had to smoke some kosher...”

  • “Very interesting looking very golden like and looks like the CBN shows on this strain it's only redish golden with heavy golden coat over some of the green leafs. This original OG Purple Kush is some of the best I have had. For such a low tested strain the vape is ultra thick very different. This strain makes me feel very very tired. Tested At SteepHill Labs 10.98 THC CBD 0:11% and 0.62 CBN. I love the pain and rela...”

  • “my dispensary has this listed as twisted og kush; but with a quick google-search, i found that the official name is ''Twisted Purple OG Kush" with a strain lineage of OG Kush x [Bubba Kush x Sour Diesel] ..it has a nice light semi-sweet taste that's incredibly smooth with a buzz that's full-on in 10-15mins..all-around excellent strain”

  • “The taste, the smell, the buzz, all so irresistible! I don't find it is what I need medicinally, it doesn't treat my particular problem, but I love it so much I always have it around.”

  • “Purple OG tastes like a Christmas tree that has been rolled in grape fun-dip. The inhale is a menthol-like slightly-sour pine tree flavor split in half with the smooth and slightly floral aroma of grapes and mixed berries. The exhale expands a little bit, while more creamy notes of grapes and berries come to the forefront of the flavor. A creeper indica that settles into the body and head causing relaxation, mood lif...”

  • “I have Multiple Sclerosis and am unable to take one of the medications that calms the symptoms. This is great medicine. I was having an especially painful day, and this relieved me for a couple of hours, long enough to get done what needed to get done. You know how it is; you have to vacuum or do the dishes, but the pain is so bad you can barely walk. Purple OG took care of the for me and now the carpet is vacuumed, ...”

  • “This is a GREAT FUCKIN STRAIN! One of the best purps I've had thus far! Very relaxing, the munchies kick in QUICK!!! So like it recommends, have your food / healthy snacks ready! I also recommend this strain for pregnant women suffering morning sickness or hyperkinesis (excessive vomiting). It will definitely take away the nausea and help you eat and keep it down.”

  • “Really good for sleeping men , smoked this after a party and i was talkative and the world was all good, love smoking weed, after the party i slept like a baby men ahh thats some good shit and nice taste”