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Purple Wreck

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What is Purple Wreck?

Purple Wreck is the offspring of two very popular strains, Purple Urkle and Trainwreck, and was created by Amsterdam’s DNA genetics. The cross sped up the growth time of the usually slow Urkle, and Purple Wreck plants can be expected to flower quickly in 8-9 weeks. The resulting buds are usually dense and plentiful, making this strain a favorite of growers. These flowers tend to smell both sweet and grassy and taste the same, with the sweet notes of the Purple Urkle dominating.

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Purple Wreck Effects and Attributes

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Purple Wreck Genetics and Grow Info

Purple Wreck Flavors

  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Grape
  • 3. Lemon

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“Purple Wreck is one of my all-time favorite hybrids. It's a cross between Purple Urkle X Trainwreck, a little bit will keep you going but a lot will incapacitate you. This is a very strong strain that can be excellent for day or night use. With almost instant effects behind the eyes and in the temples, Purple Wreck works beautifully for relieving headaches as well as sinus and ocular pressure, but it is not for the f...”

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“One of the seeds that rocketed me into a love affair in my youth. It is a medium to low yielder with dense nugs with medium to large values, forming at an inch or two apart. It finishes a blend of green and lavender purple with almost easily visible glandular bulbs . I was most pleased to find the same or a very similar pheno in the form of a Live Sauce from Willamette Valley Alchemy. Purple Urkle x Trainwreck, the s...”


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