Redwood Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It smell and tastes like it came from forest floor. Cat piss, composted vegetation and ton of bug juice n dust. If you can muster that & still have the balls to try you'll love this biotch. It has an old school stoned feel but super clear headed and slightly mystical. It's an unusual smoke, great for extractions and/or breading.”

  • “It felt like i was floating on a log, maybe thats why its called redwood. Thats a tree right? Well anyways, it hit me really quick after my first hit, and it was very smooth sailing from there. :) Highly recommended for anyone with any form of pain or insomnia. :)”

  • “There are a lot of grower's claiming they have this and that. I was lucky enough to get some flower's from Zoey's. They are the real deal. True ocean grown kush. The smell is amazing dark, earthy tones with a hint of DANK. The flavor is a flavor only true OG Kush fans with identify, and it's all there in this batch. I have a tolerance of an Iron Skillet, and I am a true Indica lover. Two hits in and I set it down. Th...”

  • “Received my g of Redwood as a free gift from Aarch Club. Nice smooth intake, with an instant head high, then moves into my body and has a slight tingly the taste and the smell, like I think mmj should smell... woodsy, piney, and smokey. Hate the sour smell you get in some strains, this one was perfect. Not a couch lock, but a kind of Blue Dream effect; like the indica was balanced well with a bit o...”

  • “If I said that my pain is at a slow burn and that my mood was at a mellow happy with an easily distracted anxiety, I'm pretty sure it would make sense at first glance, but in case it doesn't, lemme explain. First off, I had been walking around and shopping all day. Even trying on clothes holding my arms up and down repeatedly, thus causing a massive amount of ouch in my most problem regions. Making the 2 hour ride ho...”

  • “Personally, Great strain for your dollar. Want a cheap weed to get super faded.. Pick Redwood up. I liked the feeling and didnt taste too bad. Left my mouth and eyes dry as Eff but Arizona Green Tea and some clear eyes fixed that right up. (Who the F buys Visine)”

  • “Hey, Hey - Lovely strain, and surprisingly tasty, despite the mild earthy after-tone exhale. As an exclusive skunk/sour lover, after seeing this today, I decided to try this strain - completely based on the quality of this particular grow. The trichomes on this Golden Leaf dispensary Redwood grow were astounding, and therefore something to truly appreciate. My 6/5/16 strain tested at 22%. Based on this one time ex...”

  • “Great great for insomnia, anxiety, depression, and especially relaxing. Did not think too much did not make me paranoid at all and it put me to bed nice and happy. I need to start smoking outdoors a lot more. Grade A relaxing, calming, and uplifting indica.”