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  • “Straight to the point, I don.t like to get high but I also don,t like taking pharmaceutical for sleep and pain,got some of this epic strain from a collective in whatcom county, tested at .6 thc and 14%cbd plain an simple , kills the pain! helps me sleep and I don!to get all Waco stoned. This is about as true mmj medicine as it gets. Hat”

  • “I have had huge problems with depersonalization and anxiety before but also a lot of issues with thc. remedy gives you the relief of vicodin without all of the heady crap. left me relaxed and focused and pain was virtually gone.”

  • “I usually have high levels of anxiety with most high THC strains and have always been ultra sensitive to even low levels of THC. Even just one little hit of your typical strain sends my mind racing as I over analyze my life and stress myself out. This strain has changed the game! This version of Remedy is from Puffin Farm, has a CBD content of 15%, and a THC content of 0.67%. With the low THC level, I am able to ca...”

  • “great pain relief without the head high! I suffer from severe joint/bone pain. I use cannabis every day to manage that pain. There are times when I need to be clear headed and this medicine is perfect for that! after a few hits, I can feel a tingling sensation that starts at the top of my head and moves down, relaxing my muscles and calming any anxieties. I can move easily after smoking this and that's impressive bec...”

  • “⚕️✌️ Remedy is a medically sound cross of the amazing Afghan Skunk and Cannatonic. What we are left with, ladies and gentlemen, is the byproduct of many years of believing in the power of marijuana. This is strain is just fantastic; true medicine. It smells quite citrusy with a clean earthy aroma behind that. Taking a monster bong hit of this will have you feeling like you can handle any situation. It won't leave you...”

  • “great after work medication. goes right to my back and joint pain. a little fuzzy for five minutes or so then my head is totally clear. really enjoy this strain. can 100% function and keep up with the kids after a few tokes.”

  • “It's perfect for me!! I can't take NSAIDs, don't want opioids, and Tylenol is a sad excuse for pain relief. This strain allows me to not feel high while getting immediate pain relief for intestinal pain similar to IBS. Also helps me with anxiety and allows me to "let go", and relax. It has helped ease ovulation pain, and will hopefully do the same for menstrual pain. After months of trying different strains, I'm fina...”

  • “Great for nerve pain without all the fuzzy brain effects! Very relaxing, but not the couchlock kind. Great strain!”