Salmon River OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Salmon River is a beautiful strain. Medium to dark green hues laced with deep purple. It smokes smooth and is ohhhh so relaxing without knocking you out. Five Zero Trees is my Salmon River supplier... I've not seen it elsewhere, but it's such a perfect strain I make sure to hit up Trees every couple weeks to grab it. Last week I had a really bad day and decided to treat myself to something that would calm and relax ...”

  • “Felt great, relaxed, slept like a baby!”

  • “Salmon River OG is one of my favorite! I find it does sneak up on you, but you aren't left waiting very long for that relaxed giggly buzz. Taste was somewhat pleasant, not sweet but not a harsh smoke.”

  • “Great smooth tasting strain. Sleep like a baby after 3-4 hits. Be interested to know THC content if anyone knows.”

  • “Dynasty genetics !!! Much respect”

  • “I like it pretty good. The phenotype I had was a chocolate taste, and chocolate smell, coffee, hashish smell to it.It had strong indica effect. Almost making want to go right to sleep. Which is why I smoke anyway. So for me great., but most strains I can use in the day and what not. This one cochlocks me and put's me to sleep. Real nice to sleep. Insomnia people go with this strain or Grand Daddy Purple, Gorilla Glu...”

  • “I suffer from severe insomnia I highly recommend this training for it.”

  • “good and powerful indica that doesn't knock you out like MOB would”