Triple Cheese Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Triple cheese from Barney's Farm is a potent medical strain...have no doubt. The taste was more like grape cheese than anything else...with a couch lock effect. Very good and tasty meds like most farm products. old breeders know how to do it right. my sample was rated at 23% THC. If you happen across this one...get it!!”

  • “very close to original cheese in the UK I had early 2000. But this one is sweeter in taste. long lasting high and a breeze to grow. one of the best cheese strains on the market and I've been through a few trying to capture that original taste.”

  • “Triple cheese is the crossing of Blue Cheese with the Original Cheese (Skunk#1 phenotype), created over many generations of selections and backcrossing to give this strain. Triple Cheese is easy to grow and produces dense buds with a remarkable sweet blueberry, Old Cheese and earthy pungent skunk taste. The undisputable dank cheese flavour dominates this strain.”

  • “Reminiscent of UK original - but with a hint of blueberry/citrus notes. Smells wonderful, then knocks you flat on your ass. A+”

  • “Smell is nasty. Taste is fine; tastes like cheese being cooked on an outdoor grill. Vision is very shimmery, feeling is numbing, yet euphoric. Energetic, but relaxed.”

  • “Great cheese aroma with couch locking effect. Great for insomnia and pain reliever. Tall plant and easy to grow.”

  • “This strain is my go-to for pain relief and it gives a nice high.”