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What is UW?

UW is a marijuana strain that comes with its own superhero origin story. Popular rumor has it that a clone plant was stolen from a certain Pacific Northwest university's medical research lab in the early nineties—in some versions by a rogue graduate student—and has since been a popular top shelf indica. These buds show their university pride with purple coloring, and the dense, sticky buds are at the top of the class when it comes to potency. Almost entirely indica, this strain’s powerful high is sedative and popular for pain relief and insomnia. A mix of tropical fruit and a little spice, the aroma also earns high marks.

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UW Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

UW Flavors

  • 1. Earthy
  • 2. Tree Fruit
  • 3. Sweet

Review Highlights

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Most Helpful

“I smoked the real UW cancer research strain in 1987 and will never forget it. Got it from a student that knew someone growing it for the UW and of course it got around to a few select groups. The stuff going around now is some purple strain that's been mixed into it, possibly and it's called UW Purple. The original was lime green, had an extremely Indica buzz and had a real light piney taste. It was super light weigh...”

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“Farm: Blue Roots Total Cannaboids: 15.79% Terpenes: 2.60% What a beautiful bud with lots of purple. Ground mine up and vaporized it. It had an amazingly fruitful taste to me. The hit kicked in right away. Great for unwinding and/or night time strain. Highly recommended”


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