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  • “I smoked the real UW cancer research strain in 1987 and will never forget it. Got it from a student that knew someone growing it for the UW and of course it got around to a few select groups. The stuff going around now is some purple strain that's been mixed into it, possibly and it's called UW Purple. The original was lime green, had an extremely Indica buzz and had a real light piney taste. It was super light weigh...”

  • “UW is like a warm bath or hot tub. It slowly eases your pain and you just feel warm and floaty. Expect a good amount of couch lock. UW has no real flavor. It is a pretty flat, sterile flavor. I think this is its biggest drawback.”

  • “Strongest indica I've come across so far. This numbs my brain and body and puts me into a muscle relaxing sleep. Unfortunately if I smoke too much of this it's difficult to wake up from it the next morning I feel like I have a minor hangover... coffee usually sweeps me out of it though. This stuff is pretty intense so next time I have a migraine I will be using this to medicate.”

  • “I allowed a friend to record our experience: Very content, feeling of need to sleep. Not overly happy just a sense of contented resignation that things are carrying out in an expected sort of way. Now I will type the word toilet.”

  • “UW by Mother Earth Farms listed as an indica with a THC of 21% the most recent batch of which had 2.86% CBG and 13% CBG in the rosin version. This was my go to everyday strain for six months! Its has a earthy minty taste with a eucalyptus retro nasal. the high is a relaxing functional one very balanced body high super low anxiety. I think the CBG in conjunction with the terpene profile and other cannabinoids hit me...”

  • “"What is this strain? It puts me to sleep." "UW" "What's it supposed to do?" "Put you to sleep." "Then I love it."”

  • “This time and last time, this stuff really makes me feel and see a depth in music. Listening to Pink Floyd, it's like I'm at a concert with the instruments flying around in 3 dimensions, generating sound that moves and flows.”

  • “It's a great origin story, and the dispensary around the corner from my house got some UW in ("the Purp" as they called it) the week before Seattle won the Superbowl. It felt like a good time to support a hometown strain, so I bought big into it. After sessioning UW for a couple weeks, I appreciate it as a somewhat mellow, but very pleasant high. It has a mild flavor and aroma that is appealing and sort of stereotypi...”