Yeti OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Good meds. Heavy indica, but leaves time to enjoy yourself before sleep hits. This stuff stinks! For real, has a”

  • “This is an amazing pain strain. From the first hit through the muscle melting onset this strain is amazing. The smoke, or in my case the vapor, is very dense, almost foggy. The sensation is similar to ice cream, a very smooth, yet dense, tasty inhale. At first I was worried about the heaviness the strain would bring. I dont have time for couch lock, and the initial creamy smoke plus the diesel flavor is reminiscent...”

  • “Seeing only 22 reviews on Leafly, I was curious to stray this strain out. I bought an eighth. The quality itself wasn't out of this world- it was more on the average side. However, as soon as I smoked this Yeti OG I fell into a world of euphoria, where music was entering my soul. I believe it's the high CBD content. Also, because of the CBD, I couldn't get paranoid- I could smoke a ton and be super relaxed. Creamy, c...”

  • “On first glance is looks familiar like headband. Smells of funky cheese and brand new can of tennis balls. Breaks open to reveal OG characteristics of pine aroma and earth. Vape is a wonderful combination of rose flowers, pine and lemon. I consider this one to have heavy narcotic qualities: drowsy and medicated: ~3% CBD! A new favorite.”

  • “Amazingly mellow body high. Like riding a wave of tranquility with soft light and sound right into blissful sleep. Perfect for PMS /menopause symptoms. Highly recommended choice to close out your busy day 😉”

  • “I purchased this a few months ago but only a gram. I'm sorry I didn't get more! Perfect for a nice relaxing evening. It also takes care of my neuropathy pain very well. It is very potent so go easy! I feel like I'm going under for surgery after a few hits and I sleep wonderfully. I will most definitely be looking for this on the next visit to a dispensary.”

  • “I like this strain...after a challenging day I'm glad I saved some yeti from the jazz club. I honestly don't care about a thing right now....except maybe some breakfast”

  • “One of my favorite purple strains. Grown in hydro trichomes explode. Flavors of a dark berry. Great indica for stress and anxiety”