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Yoda OG

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What is Yoda OG?

Yoda OG, a descendant of the legendary OG Kush, is an indica-dominant strain that induces heavy relaxation of the mind and body. This strain boasts its OG genetics with chunky pale buds, a tangle of orange hairs, and a pungent citrus aroma. Its sedating, euphoric effects make it a popular medicine for anxiety and insomnia, and it also provides an extra kick to the appetite. Seasoned consumers may be able to withstand its heaviness during the day, but Yoda OG is most popularly chosen for nighttime consumption.


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Yoda OG Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Yoda OG Genetics and Grow Info

Yoda OG Flavors

  • 1. Earthy
  • 2. Pine
  • 3. Citrus

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“Several times over the years, I've obtained a strain of cannabis that I considered my favorite. Back then, I was told the strain was OG Kush. I've gotten OG Kush many times since then, but it was never the same as what I had remembered. I've purchased Yoda OG twice over the past several months. This is the strain. The one that I've searched for. The look, the smell, the taste, the high...unmatched! This strain is wha...”

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“This was a good strain but I may have went over my dose....tired this strain for the first time 3 years ago...well it was the first time I had ever been high and my friends told me only have a little but after an hour I felt nothing, long story short I ate all of it, all 350mg of it and it hit my like a train, I was gone. When my mom picked me up, she was going slow like maybe 15mph but I thought we were going 120 o...”


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