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What to Buy When You’re Uptight About Cannabis

Skittish of THC, podcast celeb Dennis Norris II finds satisfaction at Portland’s Serra dispensary.

What Are You Smoking Episode 77: Elev8 Cannabis CEO Seun Adedeji

Elev8 Cannabis CEO Seun Adedeji joins the show to talk about the growing Massachusetts cannabis market, what the industry can do to promote minority entrepreneurship, and more.

The Roll-Up #83: Ngaio Bealum and Poop Weed

Comedian Ngaio Bealum talks edibles, and we have a cautionary tale about Spanish hash.

The Roll-Up Bonus Ep: Box Brown Smokes Out the Truth

The award-winning cartoonist and author talks with Bruce about his new book, 'Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America,' and things get graphic.

What Are You Smoking Episode 76: It’s a Dab Rig Mailbag!

This week, Will and Dante put on their public service hats to field listener questions about carb caps, dab storage, and more. 

Animal Collective’s Avey Tare Talks Strains for Songwriting

On this week’s The Hash podcast, Tare details how Blue Dream can help elicit dreamy, rule-breaking melodies.

The Roll-Up #81: Oklahoma Just Lapped New York

The Roll-Up features co-hosts Bruce Barcott, Ben Adlin, and Alyssa Yeoman in a Friday morning roundtable about the week’s top cannabis news. Leafly Podcast The Roll-Up…

Director Harmony Korine Explains ‘The Beach Bum’ With Snoop, Matt McConaughey

Snoop used a private boat to stay medicated on-set. Matt McConaughey fully embodies the archetypal, Key West drop-out Moon Dog.

What Are You Smoking Episode 75: Ellementa CEO Aliza Sherman

Ellementa CEO Aliza Sherman joins the show to share her thoughts on how cannabis brands need to up their game when it comes to marketing to and educating female consumers.

The Roll-Up #80: New York’s Last Stand

Legalization stumbles at the finish in NY and NJ. Also, CBD invades the malls of America and an Australian artist wants to carve a 50-foot wooden bong.

What Are You Smoking Episode 74: Cannabis Etiquette With Lizzie Post

Etiquette expert Lizzie Post visits the show to help share tips on keeping your next smoke session civilized.

The Roll-Up #79: The Costco of Cannabis

This week in cannabis news: Poll numbers climb, New York faces a critical legalization deadline, and David Downs tries out California's 'Costco of Cannabis.'

What Are You Smoking Episode 73: Live From SXSW

Live from Austin, Texas, What Are You Smoking takes the show on the road to discuss the current patchwork state of cannabis laws from SXSW.

Beats Antique Explains How Musicians Use Topicals to Survive Touring

Grizzles road dogs David Satori and “Sidecar Tommy” Cappel drop wisdom as another grueling tour concludes in Portland, OR.

The Roll-Up #78: Let’s Not Bust the Cancer Patient, OK?

This week in cannabis news: Missouri cops roust a hospital patient, white weed privilege gets caught on display, and legalization inches closer in NY and NJ.

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