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The Roll-Up #46: The Coolest Guest We’ve Ever Had

Writer and indie DJ Hannah Levin talks with the crew about the Tucson scene, THC-wine potables, and reasons to bypass Wyoming.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 48: California Cannabis in Wildfire Season

Find out why the future doesn't look bright for the storied Emerald Triangle region, and how the  recreational market can keep producing fantastic $30 eighths in the face of seemingly ceaseless wildfires.

The Roll-Up #45: An Avalanche of Good Cannabis News

This week: grand gestures from New York officials, shockingly sensible moves in a former Soviet republic, and how fear-mongers are trying to skew “cannabis poisonings.”

What Are You Smoking? Episode 47: Ethan Russo and What’s in Your Cannabis

Noted cannabis researcher Dr. Ethan Russo stops by the show to share his research–and his concerns–about pesticides on cannabis in Washington State.

The Battle for Arizona: “The Roll-Up” Bonus Episode

Bruce & Ben roam the desert in 103-degree heat to get the inside story on the cannabis conflicts raging in Phoenix.

The Roll-Up #44: Tire Fire in David’s iPhone

This week: Leafly's California bureau chief David Downs assesses the fire damage, Dave Schmader tries to sneak across the border, and Bruce comes down with high anxiety.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 46: CO2 Extraction with Heylo’s Lo Friesen

Lo Friesen of Heylo Cannabis, one of our favorite cannabis concentrate companies, stops in to talk about CO2 extraction, representation in the cannabis industry, and why Heylo uses terepene profiles, not traditional indica/sativa breakdowns, to classify their concentrates.

The Roll-Up #43: Oklahoma! The True-Crime Musical

Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana, and now the regulators are arresting each other. Hoo boy.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 45: Prohibition Pains

This week, Dante Jordan—Leafly's newest staff writer—holds forth on legalization's impacts on life in prohibition states like Texas, why Seattle doesn't smoke blunts, and the many different flavors and effects of "Sour Diesel" in the Lone Star state.

The Roll-Up #42: Bugs, Bulldozers, and CBD Porn

This week: Red States wrangle with legal marijuana, CBD meets XXX in a new adult feature, and cannabis aphids get their moment in the spotlight.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 44: Oils and Extracts With Oleum

For Oil Day, What Are You Smoking sat down for a chat with Graham Jennings and Aaron Palmer, the co-founders of one of our favorite extraction companies, Oleum.

The Roll-Up #41: Butt Wait, There’s More

This week: Arizona gets concentrates confused, Quebec gets playful, and Roll-Up listeners give us an earful.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 43: Cannabis at the Ballot Box

This Independence Day, we’re celebrating the red, white, blue, and green with a look at the status of legal cannabis across the US courtesy of guests Ben Adlin and Bruce Barcott.

Bonus Episode: July 4th ‘What Are You Rolling Up?’ Crossover

Leafly's premiere podcasts crash together to celebrate cannabis freedom and look ahead to more legalization in the coming year.

The Roll-Up #40: A Soft Opening in Massachusetts

PermitPatty blows up, the FDA approves Epidiolex, Oklahoma OK's MMJ, and Bruce reveals his peanut-selling past.

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