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The Best Cannabis Strains for Introverts

Introverts enjoy creative solo pursuits over social engagements—and the right cannabis strains can complement these characteristics. Here are seven picks.

Top Trending Cannabis Strains for College-Aged Consumers

The younger generation is smoking and purchasing legal cannabis just the same as the older. Here are a few of the strains that the young folks are most interested in.

How Canadian Retailers Guide Customers to the Right Kind of Cannabis

Whether categorized by cultivar or suggested effects, Canadian retailers are getting creative when it comes to guiding customers to cannabis products.

Relaxing Cannabis Strains for Your Next Camping Trip

Cannabis makes every activity more fun—if you packed the right strains. Here are seven of our favorite relaxing strains for your next camping adventure.

Who’s Accountable When Cannabis Containers Are Sold Empty?

This never happened when we bought weed in plastic baggies.

Opinion: It’s OK That Blue Dream Is Your Favorite Cannabis Strain

For far too long have people been shamed for having Blue Dream be their favorite strain. That ends today.

What’s the Difference Between Sweet and Fruity Cannabis Strains?

Sweet and fruity are two flavors of cannabis that can be very similar but also very different. Here's a breakdown of how to differentiate between the two.

40% THC Flower?! How Lab Shopping and THC Inflation Cheat Cannabis Consumers

Here's why consumers should come to their senses and move beyond THC.

Can Cannabis Help the Millennial Burnout Condition?

Overworking to the point where you physically and mentally tap out, otherwise known as burnout, is becoming all too prevalent in our society.

Casting Call: Hosts Wanted for a New Cannabis Product Review Show

Review Canadian cannabis products and get paid!

7 Stimulating Cannabis Strains for Your Next Hike

Explore cannabis strains that are sure to give you the energizing, motivating boost you need to get up that damn mountain.

Star Signs and Cannabis Strains: August 2019 Horoscopes

The theme for August is productivity, and get ready for the Grand Trine of Uranus-Saturn-Pluto. Find out which strain will help you get through the month.

Bake Like a Boss With California’s Best Legal Infused Oils, Butters, and Ghee

Precision-dose dinner with Zendo, Potli, Heavenly Sweet, Clarified Confections, Om, and Vireo.

How Hemp CBD Products Are Made: CBD Protein Powder With Manitoba Harvest

The final video in our How Hemp CBD Products Are Made series takes us into the lab as Manitoba Harvest crafts a CBD-infused, protein packed hemp supplement.

6 Cannabis Strains for People Who Love Pine Terpenes

Cannabis strains come in all types of aromas and flavors, produced by various terpenes. Here are six pine-flavored strains for you to try.

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