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Tips for Growing ACDC Cannabis

August 23, 2017
This article is presented by Advanced Nutrients, a global company raising the bud weights and reputations of cannabis growers since 1999.



Strain Overview: Few strains produce as much CBD as ACDC, and as the demand for CBD increases, so does this strain’s popularity. The THC/CBD ratio of this strain can reach as high as 1:20, which means it delivers little to no psychoactive effects. ACDC has been utilized heavily by the medical community to treat conditions such as anxiety, epilepsy, and pain. Consumers sensitive to THC’s side effects have also come to deeply appreciate the mild and relaxing effects ACDC has to offer.

Grow Techniques: This strain will grow in any medium. The plant structure is naturally bushy and requires little or no training. HST (high stress training) will help level the canopy of the plant, and pruning will keep the energy focused towards the topmost buds.

Flowering Time: 10 weeks 

Yield: Moderate

Grow Difficulty: Hard

Climate: ACDC is a picky strain that likes a stable, consistent climate between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor/Outdoor: ACDC can be grown indoors or outdoors successfully. If growing outdoors, make sure you have enough time for the strain to finish flowering before temperatures drop in the fall.

Feeding: During the vegetative stage, feed half the recommended amount of nutrients and increase to full feeding during flowering. As a high-CBD strain, ACDC is sensitive to overfeeding.

(Advanced Nutrients)

To learn more about feeding with Advanced Nutrients supplements, check out their online nutrient calculator or call their grower support line at 1-800-640-9605.

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  • Maxine Reierson

    Friday will be week 9 flowering of my ac/dc. This is my very first grow. I have been flushing her daily for the past 5 days. Do I really need to wait until 12th week before harvesting? Temps are dropping at night here and we’re getting more frequent rain. I have a canopy for when it rains and shake the branches a couple of times to get rid of some of the moisture but we are expecting 2 full days of steady rain before the sun comes out again. Should I harvest early or do as I have done and be patient for the next 2 weeks. They sure look like they’ll be ready sooner though with about 40-50% amber shoots curling inward. I have been defoliating to make trimming easier. Should I wait or is it ok to harvest sooner? Thanks

    • Dick.Diligence

      Trichrome color is a better indicator of peak maturity.

    • Doug West

      Any photos?

    • Doug West

      week 4