Paranormal Activity Spooks Oregon Dispensary Staff

Published on October 29, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Is a ghost pharmacist haunting Five Zero Trees Oregon City?
Is a ghost pharmacist haunting Five Zero Trees Oregon City?

Is the ghost of a dead pharmacist haunting a new dispensary in Oregon City, Oregon? Watch the video and judge for yourself.

“Frankly, my jaw hit the floor, dude.”

Patrons are swarming to Five Zero Trees in Oregon City for more than their amazing strains, such as Golden Lemons and Mandarin Cookies. They’re looking for signs of an afterlife this week, after news broke over the weekend that the four-month-old cannabis retailer might be haunted.

Surveillance camera footage from sometime in August shows some weird things happening in the front of the store: The normally clear footage fills with a kind of “fog,” manager Jordan Brown said.Old Cannabis Source Ghosted You?Then, a jar of cannabis seems to start moving of its own accord slowly to the edge of the counter until it tips itself off. Later on, a pair of scissors also seems to move on their own. Cashier Andy Gomez felt a presence in the room, he said, and—shook up—reported the incidents to manager Brown, who reviewed the footage and also was shocked.

“Frankly, my jaw hit the floor, dude,” he said. “And I’m not one to be like, ‘Aw, man, it’s a ghost.’“

Brown denies staging the video or altering it in any way. “That video was 100% legit. We did not mess with it in any shape or form. Why would we lie?” Not to mention, it’s illegal to alter the state-mandated surveillance footage.

Brown said the video evidence corroborates months of other weirdness in the store:

  • doors locking people out of offices
  • strange sounds in the storeroom
  • small items being moved around
  • “orbs” of light “flying around like crazy”

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“We’ve all had little experiences here and there,” he said. “Is it a ghost? I don’t know.”

Five Zero Trees Oregon City occupies the site of a former pharmacy, and the cannabis store mirrors the layout of the old pharmacy. Some think it’s the old pharmacist tidying up, “or the ghost of his cat, pushing stuff off counters.”

A local ghost hunter “couldn’t say 100%” what was going on.

But the staff at Five Zero Trees keeps the security cameras in good working order, lest they miss the next paranormal pot activity.

Oh—you ain’t scared of no ghosts? Let the Leafly community know in the comments below

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David Downs
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