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5 ways to celebrate Halloween responsibly with weed

Updated 10/27/2021

Halloween is an exciting time for many a cannabis consumer. Whether you’re staying in or going out, we want you to enjoy, safely and responsibly.

While whether you enjoy cannabis-themed costumes or canna-infused edibles, we suggest following these tips and tricks to reduce risk for yourself and others this Halloween.

1. Be cautious when mixing alcohol with cannabis

Stop alcohol concept. Person refuse to drink alcohol.

When you’re mixing alcohol and cannabis, there is bound to be some crossfading.

There are studies that show that once alcohol is in your system, it can boost marijuana’s effects by opening up your blood vessels, allowing more THC to be absorbed. This can cause people to green out, freak out, and say “I’m out” to any more Halloween shenanigans.

2. Provide glass tips and alcohol wipes for guests

These days, you can’t play it too safe when sharing weed with friends. If you really want to provide a hygenic experience, purchase some glass tips for your guests so they can have more control over who they share their joints with.

You can also make sure there is plenty of hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes ready to disinfect in a jiffy.

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3. Serve and store edibles responsibly

Some people may be looking to whip up a batch of their own canna-infused brownies and Halloween sweets. These adults-only treats are not intended for children and should only make an appearance at adult celebrations.

Better still, store edibles in a lockable edibles box or child-proof containers, and always label cannabis-infused foods so adults don’t make a mistake, either.

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4. Surround yourself with good friends

Group of friends enjoying a late evening meal in a restaurant.

Listen, we’ve all been there: someone can have a particular reaction to a certain edible or a panic attack after the pipe is passed around. No two people will have the exact same trip and this is why it’s good to ensure you have solid pals around who will look out for your best interests.

This includes: keeping friends hydrated with water, getting friends to a safe, comfortable place, and most importantly, reassuring them that they’re going to be okay. That’s what friends are for!

5. Have proper smoke etiquette

Before arriving at anyone’s home, send a quick note to your host to check-in and find out what their stance is on smoking. This will show that you clearly respect their home. If your host gives you the a-okay to smoke, ask about a designated area in case they prefer to keep their home smoke-free or have children.

And always bring enough to smoke with other guests–you’ll want to make sure to share.

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6. Arrange transportation ahead of time

Uber delivery. App of call taxi. Car gps map of city. Smart navigator with roadmap in mobile. Service of fast online order taxi. Yellow car is parking on street town. Location in phone screen. Vector.

Even though you may not feel like it impairs you–it’s not worth the risk to yourself or others to be driving around stoned on Halloween night. Arrange for a designated driver, call a taxi, or order a rideshare at the end of the night. If all else fails, stay home, stay cozy, and stay safe.

Now that you’ve prepared with these tips, find a dispensary near you and get the Halloween party started.

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