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Hemp Seed Food Products Can Bring Heart Health Benefits

July 24, 2016


Eating a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats is a great way to make your heart very happy. Good nutrition combined with regular exercise will help keep your blood pressure down and your cholesterol levels in check, two significant factors when it comes to decreasing your risk for heart disease.

Whole Hemp Seed Nutrition Facts

Hemp seeds

One easy way to boost your personal nutrition score up a few notches is by eating more heart-healthy hemp seed food products. Hemp, the non-psychoactive cousin of cannabis, is loaded with nutrients that make your heart happy. The “superstar” of this show is the unsaturated “good” fats, especially, the Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids which are found in the naturally “perfect” ratio known to have the most health benefits for humans.

Studies suggest eating more hemp seed food products may help to:

  • Reduce “bad” cholesterol levels
  • Decrease the risk of blood clots
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Lower the risk of developing certain cancers
  • Promote fat burning rather than fat storage

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Looking for some easy ways to add more hemp to your diet? It’s likely that your neighborhood grocery store, natural foods market, or local co-op may already have a variety of hemp seed foods available! Look for cold-pressed hemp seed oils, hemp seed milk, hemp protein powders, and good old fashioned, hulled hemp seeds. Be sure to choose organic varieties if possible.

Using Hemp Seed Food Products to Reap the Health Benefits

Hemp seed food products

Keep these best practices in mind when incorporating hemp seed food products into your diet:

  • For the most nutritional benefits, look for cold-pressed, unrefined hemp seed oil
  • Hemp seed oil is best when used cold or over low-medium heat, as it has a semi-low smoke point of 330 degrees F (about 10 degrees higher than olive oil), making it less than ideal for cooking over high heat
  • Hemp seed oil can be used as salad dressing or in dips like hummus; drizzled over mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, or grilled vegetables; or added to basically any recipe that calls for olive oil
  • Hemp protein powder and hemp milk make great additions to smoothies, milkshakes, hot cereals, or creamy soups
  • Hemp seeds by themselves are delicious on top of salads, soups, or yogurt; they can be added to your favorite muffin or baked good recipe; and with their naturally rich, nutty flavor, you may choose to simply eat a handful of hemp seeds all on their own!

Why are Hemp Seeds Considered a "Superfood"?

Making small, sustainable changes towards a healthier lifestyle, such as including more heart-healthy hemp seed foods in your daily diet, may not only help prevent heart disease but can help keep any current damage to your heart in check. In honor of your heart, why not make it a goal to try and include plenty of heart-healthy foods with hemp in your meals?

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  • Jaime Lynn Alejandro

    Any ideas on which is best to not contribute to pvc’s your heart already has? I have a muscle autoimmune disease that inflames my muscles and kills them causing pain and spasms like no other but I tried cbd and my BP spiked 20 points! I want off all these steriods and chemo pills but I can’t have it messing with my heart! Ideas? In oil form

    • Barbara Menville Selldin

      Jamie, I have mixed connective disease with adrenal failure with pain involed. Diagnosed yesterday so haven’t started treated yet.
      I know its not CBD oil and it may be illegal were you are but here’s my results. Just checked blood pressure also having rapid heartbeat, was 164 over 96. I took 3 hits off a joint and my blood pressure 15 minutes later is 102 over 72. Heart rate is normal. It also stops my pain within 5 minutes. Every time this happens I thank God for making a healing plant for us to use.

      • Jaime Alejandro

        Ok then it’s the other? We are moving to Oregon here soon I’m so happy for you that it’s working!

    • Jessica Aragona

      Hi Jaime,
      To help improve your heart health without the risk of PVC’s I would recommend using a cold-pressed hemp oil on a daily basis–Hemp Oil is legal and can usually be purchased at your local health food store. The product is typically found in the refridgerated oils section-
      Try to incorporate 1-2 tbsp of the hemp oil each day, in a smoothie-salad dressing-add to soup- or just take the oil alone. There are no psychoactive side effects and the regular use of the oil can lower blood pressure while also balancing your Omega’s 3-6-9
      For more details or further questions, you can contact me at
      Thank you!
      Jessica Aragona, MS, RD
      *(author of the above article)*

  • Ron Cowell

    Food marketers need to step back from using the term “Superfood”. There is no such thing nor is there any scientific definition for “superfood”.