Review: Getting high on the down-low with Puffco’s Cupsy

Published on May 12, 2022 · Last updated November 15, 2022
Cupsy combines a portable bubbler with the inconspicuous design of a coffee cup. (Courtesy of Puffco)

Note from the editor: This review is the experience of Leafly Canada’s editor Ashley Keenan. I received this product free of charge to inform my reporting, I have no stake in resulting sales or incentive from Puffco.

Is it a cup? Is it a bong? It’s a Cupsy!

Nothing tickles my stoner heart quite like a stealthy smoke on the go. Cannabis may be legal in Canada but it is far from normalized. While I am grateful for how far we’ve come, it’s also nice to have the anonymity devices like these grant cannabis consumers.

If you have ever hidden your bong from your landlord, or have been disappointed with travel accessories; you’ll likely understand the appeal of this product. To test it out I added water, loaded the bowl with bud, and took my Cupsy for a walk.

Cupsy is the size of a large coffee, medium if you are a Tim Horton’s person. (Keenan/Leafly)

The Pros

  • Discreet
  • Portable
  • Sleek design
  • Great mouthpiece

There aren’t a lot of ways to enjoy weed on the go, and even less if you’re a bong person (like me). In addition to being portable, this device is seriously discreet. I packed the bowl with weed, which fits snuggly in the storage compartment (no spills!) and it really did feel like carrying a normal coffee cup.

Warning—you will try to drink from this cup at least once! Luckily, the mouthpiece isn’t a straw so you won’t accidentally drink your own bong water.

Puffco is my personal favourite for vaping concentrates, though with the Cupsy they ventured into a combustion-based product, that was for flower instead of extracts (seriously don’t try and use this as a dab rig).

If you work outside the home, the Cupsy is a simple and stealthy way to enjoy a toke on the go. I work from home and wasn’t sure if I really needed another accessory to smoke weed. I work in the industry and am privileged to regularly enjoy the newest tech.

Since the pandemic, I have become a little agoraphobic. I’ve got all my bongs, pipes, vapes, dab rigs, at home but the Cupsy made me want to go for a sesh and stroll outside the walls of my home. Cupsy gave me a reason to go out and enjoy a restorative moment for myself.

Cupsy and Cannabolish are my “the landlord’s coming over” survival kit.

The materials in this water bubbler are thoughtfully executed and high-quality. The chamber is stainless steel and provides a cooling effect to the smoke (like putting ice in your bong). The ceramic bowl provides a perfect burn, preserving the plant’s flavour.

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The mouthpiece offers an effortless pull. If you’re more of a small toker like me, the mouthpiece closes and will hold the smoke for your second pull. Overall, I found myself able to enjoy the sesh more, without the anxiety of always looking over my shoulder.

The Cons

  • Bong water
  • Spill-proof not leakproof
  • Lack of weed storage

The Cupsy isn’t without its flaws. My biggest issue with the design is that it isn’t leak-proof or smell-proof. Cupsy is spill-proof and it certainly didn’t make a mess, but it can be difficult to store after use. I’m at the park, I’ve enjoyed my bowl, and now I am holding a coffee cup of dirty bong water and burnt ash.

I ditched the water and put the cup in my bag, which later smelled strongly of combusted weed ash (even with the mouthpiece closed). I suppose I could have continued to carry it but it would have been nice to have a clip to make it hands-free when not in use.

The coffee cup design offers ample space, it was a missed opportunity to not use the bottom inch for storage. I am not a one-and-done girl, I like to enjoy 2-3 bowls and, as it stands, I had to bring an additional device to hold extra bud for refills.

Tips for use

  • Use a more coarsely chopped cannabis, kief and bubble hash were too fine for the ceramic bowl. Good green can fall through the hole.
  • Don’t push the ceramic bowl too firmly into the lid, I had several times when the snug fit made it difficult to remove.
  • Think ahead if you want more than one bowl as you’ll have to ash and re-load just like a normal bong
  • If you have dexterity issues like me, lighting and holding the Cupsy at the same time is difficult. It might take a few bowls to figure out what works best for you.

The bottom line

The Cupsy isn’t perfect but it is impressive and highly functional. There may be no sneaky way to light it when in use, but when I wasn’t actively seshing I felt posh and stealthy. It’s nice to have an alternative option to pipes and one-hitters when you’re out and about.

It’s also just fun in general, I use it when I am at home too. There is just something about it that elevates my experience. Maybe it’s the clean bong water, the cool steel, or the mouthpiece that doesn’t make me feel like a fish.

The Cupsy has serious beach, cottage, vacation vibes and will definitely be part of my sesh kit this summer.

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Ashley Keenan
Ashley Keenan
Ashley Keenan is a freelance journalist, consultant, and patient advocate in the cannabis industry. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @askcannaqueen.
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