Seattle Hempfest 2019: Leafly’s Guide to the Original Protestival

Published on August 14, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
hempfest, seattle, marijuana festival
America's biggest cannabis festival takes over the Seattle waterfront this weekend. Here's what to do at Hempfest. (400tmax/iStock)

During the third weekend in August, three connected parks north of Seattle’s waterfront transform into a friendly, fragrant celebration. Hempfest, now in its 28th year, is widely regarded as America’s biggest and longest-running cannabis festival.

After the roar of Seafair, Hempfest feels like a relatively laid-back gathering. It’s open to everyone. Speakers at the main stage usually talk for five minutes or so, and musical sets run about half an hour apiece. Come hungry, as there are copious food options, from funnel cakes to far-flung cuisines. And consider bringing a little extra cash for that pipe or carb cap that might catch your eye—Hempfest is one of the best opportunities to shop local glass. There are chances to learn, to get more involved in the cannabis community, and to talk to some of the farmers actually growing your weed. It’s also just a great place to laze on the grass and watch the clouds.

We’ve put together a guide to Hempfest 2019, with basic info, highlights, a full schedule, and even some tips from Leafly veterans for how to do Hempfest right. See you there!

hempfest, seattle, marijuana festival


Hempfest 2019: Festival Overview

Know Before You Go
Where to Find Cannabis
What to Do
Tips & Tricks
Friday, Aug. 16
Saturday, Aug. 17
Sunday, Aug. 18

Know Before You Go

What is Hempfest? Hempfest is a “protestival,” a combination protest/festival that began as the Washington Hemp Expo back in in 1991, about a month before Nirvana’s album Nevermind was released. If you care for cannabis history, its origin story is worth a read. Today it leans more toward festival, though its social and civic spirit remains. No matter how you slice it, it’s a cultural icon in the cannabis world.

When: Per tradition, Hempfest takes place during the third weekend in August. This year that’s Friday, Aug. 16 – Sunday, Aug. 18.

  • Friday, Aug. 16:noon – 8 p.m.
  • Saturday, Aug. 17:10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Sunday, Aug. 18:10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Where: Hempfest stretches north along three of Seattle’s waterfront parks: Centennial, Myrtle Edwards, and Olympic Sculpture Park. The southern tip begins just a few blocks north of Pike Place Market.

Cost: $10 suggested donation (open to everyone, regardless of ability to pay)

Age limit: All ages

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Weather forecast: Expect a typically Seattle mix of sun and clouds over the weekend, with temperatures in the mid-70s. Friday should be a partly cloudy but otherwise pleasant, with the possibility of showers later that night. Cloud cover should burn off a bit by Saturday, with with mostly sunny skies that should stretch into a partly sunny Sunday. (Pro tip: Pack a sweatshirt or jacket. The park gets a lot of sunlight but cools off as the sun sets and the breeze picks up.)

hempfest, seattle, marijuana festival

We’ve been watching the stage come together from across the street at Leafly HQ all week, and we can’t wait to get over there. (400tmax/iStock)


How do I get there? Traffic is a chore and parking is scarce, so ideally, you take public transit. If you’re able, hop on a bus or light rail to Westlake Center, then walk the half-mile northwest to the Hempfest grounds. There are also Metro buses that run nearby (download OneBusAway for to-the-minute schedules), rideshare options like Lyft and Uber, and almost certainly a few rental bicycles strewn about. (If you’re riding your own bike, Hempfest will have bicycle parking at Bay & Elliott streets, near the festival’s north entrance.) At the very least, find a designated driver and carpool.

Where do I park? If you must drive, avoid street parking—most spaces are limited to two hours, and the last thing you’ll want to do once you’re at Hempfest is turn around to feed the meter. Find a cheap lot. In years past we’ve occasionally parked in one of the lots near Seattle Center, which charge $15 for up to 12 hours.

Where do I get in? There are three entrances to Hempfest. The busiest, most crowded, and farthest away is the south entrance, located at Alaskan Way and the Olympic Sculpture Park. It’s by far the slowest way to get into the event, but it’s also the easiest to access from Downtown Seattle. A faster choice is the north entrance, which you can access via the Amgen Pedestrian Bridge, just off West Prospect Street and Elliott Avenue West. (For bicycle parking, use the north entrance.) This year Hempfest is also offering a “no wait” entrance via the West Thomas Street pedestrian overpass. which is useful if you’re coming from Seattle Center. It’ll drop you right in the middle of Hempfest’s Munchie Market. If you’re a Seattle Hempfest member, speaker, volunteer, or someone who requires ADA entry, good news: You can head to the front of the line.

Can I bring my own food and drinks? Yes, absolutely—with two exceptions: no glass containers and no alcohol. But save some room, because Hempfest boasts an impressive selection of food trucks, stalls, and stands. Your munchies won’t stand a chance.

Anything I shouldn’t bring? There are a few restrictions worth noting: no pets (except service animals), no propane torches (sorry, dabbers), no weapons (small folding pocket knives are OK), and no drones. Other than that, check out Hempfest’s complete rules and use common sense.

What about cannabis? No cannabis will be sold onsite at Hempfest, because this is Washington state and that’s still not allowed. Even public consumption is technically illegal.

Can I consume cannabis at Hempfest? Technically, no. While it’s legal for adults 21 and older to possess cannabis, public consumption is still prohibited, at least under the letter of the law (and remember: no glass containers allowed in the festival). But Hempfest also has a decadeslong tradition of discretion and respect. If you conduct yourself with care, the local authorities will usually look the other way. Law enforcement—including the Seattle Police, Port Police, and Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board—are there primarily to keep you safe. Be friendly and they generally won’t hassle you.
Note: If you are under 21, do not consume cannabis at Hempfest. Minors caught consuming risk citation, parental notification, and/or arrest. Providing cannabis to minors is a crime.

Where to Find Cannabis

With no cannabis sales allowed on the premises—what do you think this is, Outside Lands?—those interested in picking up should head to a licensed store. Luckily, this is Seattle and there are plenty of good ones to choose from. A few are even near enough to Hempfest they can be reached on foot.

At Hempfest Already? Order with Leafly Pickup

If you find yourself already at Hempfest and looking for the easiest route to cannabis, Leafly can help you out. We’ve partnered with Have a Heart and Constellation Cannabis to allow Hempfest attendees to place orders directly from Hempfest, then pick products up from Have a Heart’s nearby Belltown location, less than a mile away from the festival. If you’re at the festival, head to Booth 537—it should be just behind and to the right (away from the water) of the Share Parker Main Stage.

Find Cannabis Near Hempfest

What to Do

Turn on, tune in: Music is a central piece of Hempfest. Not only are there two separate stages hosting musical acts (new ones every hour, more or less—see the full schedule below), there’s also a handful of more intimate sonic performances. A new arrival this year is Hype Fest, which is calling itself “a festival within a festival.” It’s three days of nonstop electronic music from a variety of local DJs, set in a chill dance space. Don’t miss Leafly’s very own Will Hyde—a.k.a. HYDEF, although you might know him better as The Avid Dabber—a cannabis expert and host of the What Are You Smoking? podcast. He takes the stage at 4 p.m. on Friday.

Eat something: If you’re inexplicably hungry, you’re in the right place. From food trucks to ice-cold lemonade to deep-fried anything, Hempfest’s food court, dubbed Munchie Market, will take good care of you. If you’re arriving hungry, go straight there by entering through the West Thomas Street entrance. (One thing not to eat: sketchy edibles. See our Tips & Tricks section below.)

Learn something: Hempfest is a “protestival”—a chance to celebrate, yes, but also to educate, organize, and push for progress. If you’re looking for something enlightening, be sure to check out the Ric Smith Symposium Stage, which will be hosting speaker panels throughout the weekend on some of the more pressing issues in cannabis, including federal legalization, neededreforms to Washington state cannabis law, opioids and pain management, social equity in the legal cannabis industry, veterans’ access, terpenes and cannabinoids, and more! There will even be a few cooking demos if you’re trying to up your edibles game.

Shop: No, you can’t buy cannabis, but you can find great deals on just about everything else—especially accessories like pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. Heady glass was born in the Pacific Northwest, and Hempfest is one of the year’s best opportunities to browse a wide range of options and hunt down a deal. For the best bargains, take the advice of Leafly’s Will Hyde: “Many vendors have special event pricing. Vendors are eager to make their first sale of the day, so try to barter with them and really capture that value, or wait to purchase until Sunday afternoon when vendors would much rather give you a discount than pack their items back out at the end of the event.”

Relax: The grass is soft at Hempfest, the air is warm, and the people are beautiful. Spend some time there! Don’t just do a lap and go home.

Tips & Tricks

Bring water, a blanket, and a bag: Think of Hempfest as a day at the beach… because it pretty much is. Bring a blanket to spread out on, a bag to tote around your swag, and some water in case you run into mean ol’ Mr. Drymouth. Sunglassses, sunscreen, and a hat might be smart choices, too.

Bring something to protect purchases: There is perhaps no worse feeling than leaving Hempfest with a brand new bong, found at half the price of the glass shop, only to watch it shatter on the sidewalk on the way home. Plan ahead!

Beware questionable edibles: Hempfest is a world of great generosity, but if anyone offers you a cannabis-enhanced edible, do not eat it. You can take it home and figure out what to do with it later if you must, but do not eat it at Hempfest. Dosages (and ingredients!) can be unpredictable, and an unexpected edible can really put a damper on your day.

Donate! If you can spare it, please give Hempfest a few of your dollars. The suggested donation is $10, but if you can pay for Uber’s surge pricing, maybe fork over a little more. Hardworking volunteers and organizers put blood, sweat, and countless hours throughout the year putting together a world-class cannabis festival. Your donations are what keep it going strong. (If you don’t have cash, you can donate online at Hempfest’s website.)

Don’t give cannabis to minors: Please don’t. Providing cannabis to people under 21 is a crime. Hempfest strongly discourages underage cannabis consumption, and multiple law enforcement agencies will have a presence at the festival.

Pick up after yourselves: We can’t say it better than longtime Seattle writer (and Leafly alum) David Schmader once put it:

Along with its various political and social aims, Hempfest is about visibility, and challenging the damaging misinformation about cannabis that continues to be spewed by the government. So let’s not provide any supporting evidence to the stereotype that stoners are easily distracted clods who are too busy questioning their hands to pick up after themselves. There’s nothing more depressing than morning-after photos showing how yesterday’s visionary rally for righteousness resulted in today’s acre of garbage. So pick up after yourself. Pick up after someone else even. Let’s freak people out with how fucking tidy we leave that park. It’ll be the birth of a new stoner stereotype: Tidy AF. Let’s make this happen.

Friday, Aug. 16 Schedule

This calendar is taken from Hempfest’s official website and intended to help with planning your trip to the festival. Times and locations may be subject to change.

Share Parker Main Stage (Friday, noon – 8 p.m.)

12:00 p.m.Park Opens (Sacred Water Opening Ceremony)
12:35 p.m.Seth Cunnigan
12:40 p.m.Jeanne Black
12:45 p.m.Dave Seber
12:50 p.m.Jerry Whiting
1:00 p.m.Gifted Youngstaz
1:35 p.m.Jessamyn Way
1:40 p.m.Laura Day
1:45 p.m.Sabrina Fendrick
1:50 p.m.
2:00 p.m.Girls Love Rockets
2:35 p.m.Lynnette Shaw
2:40 p.m.Danielle Muggli
2:45 p.m.Sunil Aggarwal
2:50 p.m.Colt DeMorris
3:00 p.m.Retrojade
3:35 p.m.Paul Stanford
3:40 p.m.The Dagga Couple: Myrtle Clarke and Jules Stobbs
3:45 p.m.The Dagga Couple: Myrtle Clarke and Jules Stobbs
3:50 p.m.Announcements
4:00 p.m.Cryptamnesia
4:40 p.m.Ngaio Belum
4:45 p.m.Roz McCarthy
4:50 p.m.Lara Kaminsky
5:00 p.m.Mercy Parker
5:35 p.m.Katrina Hafner
5:40 p.m.Beth Schechter
5:45 p.m.Amanda Chicago Lewis
5:50 p.m.Announcements
6:00 p.m.Queen Bee
6:35 p.m.Carolyn Garcia
6:40 p.m.Paul Kirschberg
6:45 p.m.Susan Squibb
6:50 p.m.Bailey Hirschberg
7:00 p.m.Dj jimnicricket
8:00 p.m.Park Closes

Ric Smith Hemposium Stage (Friday, noon – 8 p.m.)

12:00 p.m.Park OpensModerator: Danica Noble
12:45 p.m.Reforming 502: What When How?Brian Blake, Greg Foster, Crystal Oliver, Bailey Hirschberg, Rev. Jeff Church, Jim MacRae
1:35 p.m.Veterans: Downrange and Back. Healing Wounds With CannabisMichael Krawitz, Patrick Seifert, Paul Kirchberg, Ellen Brown, Dr. Alison Draisin PsyD
2:25 p.m.@TheRealWomenOfWeed: OG’s of WoWAh Warner, Joy Beckerman, Allison Bigelow, Susan Squibb, Lara Kaminsky
3:20 p.m.Drs., Patients and Activists: A Symbiotic RelationshipDr. Jade Stefano, Dr. Karyemaitre Alliffe, Liz Blaz, Brian Stone, Madeline Martinez
7:00 p.m.Speakers' Social
8:00 p.m.VIP Members' Social

Seeley Black Stage (Friday, noon – 8 p.m.)

12:00 p.m.Park Opens
12:35 p.m.Lisa Buchanan
12:40 p.m.
12:45 p.m.Lee Berger
12:50 p.m.Mss Oregon
1:00 p.m.End Status
1:35 p.m.Katrina Haffner
1:40 p.m.Ingrid Walker
1:45 p.m.Cat Jeter
1:50 p.m.
2:00 p.m.Nowsterday
2:35 p.m.Amanda Mac
2:40 p.m.
2:45 p.m.Dave Seber
2:50 p.m.Kari Boiter
3:00 p.m.The Kaeli Earle Trio
3:35 p.m.
3:40 p.m.Sage Amdahl
3:45 p.m.Coltyn Turner
3:50 p.m.Rachel Kurtz
4:00 p.m.Speakeasy
4:35 p.m.John Conroy
4:40 p.m.Rae Burress
4:45 p.m.Danny Danko
4:50 p.m.
5:00 p.m.One Sultry Day
5:35 p.m.Jeff Church
5:40 p.m.The Dagga Couple: Myrtle Clarke and Jules Stobbs
5:45 p.m.The Dagga Couple: Myrte Clarke and Jules Stobbs
5:50 p.m.
6:00 p.m.Rare Americans
6:35 p.m.Omar Figueroa
6:40 p.m.Mac MacGregor
6:45 p.m.John Kingsbury
6:50 p.m.Kevin Oliver
7:00 p.m.Quigzy Stick
8:00 p.m.Park Closes

Saturday, Aug. 17 Schedule

Share Parker Main Stage (Saturday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.)

10:00 a.m.Park Opens
11:00 a.m.Canned Music
12:00 p.m.Fynnie's Basement
12:35 p.m.Madeline Martinez
12:40 p.m.Elvi Musikka
12:45 p.m.John Conroy
12:50 p.m.AC Braddock
1:00 p.m.Observer Effect
1:35 p.m.Jade Stefano
1:40 p.m.Lee Berger
1:45 p.m.Coltyn Turner
1:50 p.m.Brian Stone
2:00 p.m.Limberlost
2:35 p.m.Kevin Oliver
2:40 p.m.Crystal Oliver
2:45 p.m.Kyle Kushman
2:50 p.m.Nick Licata
3:00 p.m.Wild Ire
3:35 p.m.Danica Noble
3:40 p.m.Carolyn Garcia
3:45 p.m.Bonnie Fong
3:50 p.m.Announcements
4:00 p.m.DJ Yella
4:40 p.m.Danny Danko
4:45 p.m.Rachel Kurtz
4:50 p.m.AC Braddock
5:00 p.m.3n’1
5:35 p.m.Serra Frank
5:40 p.m.Don Wirtshafter
5:45 p.m.Jesce Horton
5:50 p.m.Dr. Sunil Aggarwal
6:00 p.m.Pink Farm
6:35 p.m.22 too many
6:40 p.m.22 too many
6:45 p.m.22 too many
6:50 p.m.22 too many
7:00 p.m.The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band
8:00 p.m.Park Closes

Ric Smith Hemposium Stage (Saturday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.)

10:00 a.m.Park OpensModerator: Dominic Corva
10:30 a.m.Local Action, National Results: Change Begins With YouKari Boiter, Nick Licata, Ben Livingston, Gary Cook, Danica Noble
11:15 a.m.Growers, Processors and Labs: From Seed to Your StashStinkbud, Danny Danko, Alex Cooley, Nick Mosley, Giana Lampreda, Kyle Kushman
12:15 p.m.Cannabis Media: Information, Transparency and MarketingAmanda Chicago Lewis, Angela Bacca, Beth Schechter, Amanda Mac, Julie Chiariello
1:20 p.m.Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Privilege: Seeking Social Justice in a New IndustryOmar Figuroa, Jesce Horton, Mac McGregor, Rae Burruss, Roz Mcarthy, Mss Oregon
2:25 p.m.Opioid Crisis: Better Strategies for Pain ManagementDr. Jake Felice, Amanda Chicago Lewis, Monte Levine, Dr. Dave Bearman, Adie Wison-Poe
3:30 p.m.Keynote Speakers: The Dagga Couple “Cannabis Reform in Mzansi”Myrtle Clarke, Jules Stobbs
4:20 p.m.Cooking DemoUnika Noiel
5:00 p.m.Blackstone
6:00 p.m.VM Rocks
7:00 p.m.Swisher Sleep
8:00 p.m.Park Closes

Seeley Black Stage (Saturday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.)

10:00 a.m.Park Opens
11:00 a.m.Tribal Voices
12:00 p.m.Beats to the Rhyme
12:35 p.m.
12:40 p.m.
12:45 p.m.Kristin Flor
12:50 p.m.Gregory Foster
1:00 p.m.Cristos and Co.
1:35 p.m.Jeremy Cooper
1:40 p.m.Douglas Fir
1:45 p.m.Jessamyn Way
1:50 p.m.Bailey Hirschberg
2:00 p.m.Chris Crayzie with Dabbing Granny
2:35 p.m.22 too many
2:40 p.m.22 too many
2:45 p.m.22 too many
2:50 p.m.22 too many
3:00 p.m.Cashing in Karma
3:35 p.m.Seth Cunnigan
3:40 p.m.Neil Lequia
3:45 p.m.Neil Lequia
3:50 p.m.Dr. Sunil Aggarwal
4:00 p.m.Sick Logic
4:35 p.m.Jesce Horton
4:40 p.m.Lynette Shaw
4:45 p.m.Colt DeMorris
4:50 p.m.
5:00 p.m.Hunting Giants
5:35 p.m.Jerry Whiting
5:40 p.m.Kevin Oliver
5:45 p.m.Bo Money
5:50 p.m.Bonnie Fong
6:00 p.m.Queen Bee
6:35 p.m.Tea Lopez
6:40 p.m.Sabrina Fendrick
6:45 p.m.Amanda Chicago Lewis
6:50 p.m.Magic Black
7:00 p.m.Pink Farm
8:00 p.m.Park Closes

Sunday, Aug. 18 Schedule

Share Parker Main Stage (Sunday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.)

10:00 a.m.Park Opens
11:00 a.m.Canned Music
12:00 p.m.Roksta
12:35 p.m.
12:40 p.m.Jake Felice
12:45 p.m.Mac McGregor
12:50 p.m.Neil Lequia
1:00 p.m.Waking Maya
1:35 p.m.Amanda Mac
1:40 p.m.Stacy Bloch
1:45 p.m.Rae Burress
1:50 p.m.Aide Wison-Poe
2:00 p.m.VeRich
2:35 p.m.Mss Oregon
2:40 p.m.
2:45 p.m.Joy Beckerman
2:50 p.m.Ingrid Walker
3:00 p.m.Freako Bandeedo
3:35 p.m.Bitsy Bates
3:40 p.m.Douglas Fir
3:45 p.m.Gary Cook
3:50 p.m.Announcements
4:00 p.m.Sky Cries Mary
4:40 p.m.Bo Money
4:45 p.m.Ben Livingston
4:50 p.m.
5:00 p.m.High Pulp
5:35 p.m.Roger Goodman
5:40 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:50 p.m.
6:00 p.m.Deadly D
6:35 p.m.Liz Blaz
6:40 p.m.Cat Jeter
6:45 p.m.Sharon Whitson
6:50 p.m.Kristin Flor
7:00 p.m.Plurthlings
7:45 p.m.Sacred Water Closing Ceremony
8:00 p.m.Park Closes

Ric Smith Hemposium Stage (Sunday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.)

10:00 a.m.Park OpensModerator: Rachel Kurtz-McLaine
10:30 a.m.Been There, Done That: Listening to the EldersDon Wirtschafter, Lee Berger, Carolyn Garcia, Lynnette Shaw, Douglas Fir, Paul Stanford
11:25 a.m.Maintaining Cannabis for Wellness in the "Recreational" MarketplaceAllison Bigelow, Sage Amdahl, Jerry Whiting, John Kingsbury, Stacy Bloch
12:10 p.m.Cooking/Infusions/Edibles: Eatin' It UpJeremy Cooper, Eric Rivera, Bitsy Bates, Unika Noiel, Eric Tanaka
1:00 p.m.Terpenes, CBD... CBN?... GBG?: New Science for Healthy ConsumptionAlfa Lashay, Jade Stefano, Stinkbud, AC Braddock, Don Wirtshafter, Joy Beckerman
1:45 p.m.Children Using Medical CannabisSerra Frank, Coltyn Turner, Cat Jeter, Jerrry Whiting,
2:30 p.m.Cannabis and Beyond: Alternative Therapies vs. Traditional MethodsDr. Sunil Aggarwal, Dr. Karyemaitre Aliffe, Dr. David Bearman, Megan McKenzie, Lisa Buchanan, Danielle Muggli
3:25 p.m.State of the States: Where's the Feds?Roder Goodman, Dominic Corva, Sabrina Fendrick, Omar Figuroa, Rachel Kurtz McAlaine
4:20 p.m.Cooking DemoBitsy Bates
5:00 p.m.Deify
6:00 p.m.Neal Storme
7:00 p.m.The Dog Walkers
8:00 p.m.Park Closes

Seeley Black Stage (Sunday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.)

10:00 a.m.Park Opens
11:00 a.m.Tribal Voices
12:00 p.m.Brianna Sky and the Dark Clouds
12:35 p.m.Elvy Musikka
12:40 p.m.Monte Levine
12:45 p.m.Beth Schechter
12:50 p.m.Gina Lampreda
1:00 p.m.Conduit of Humanity
1:35 p.m.Roz McCarthy
1:40 p.m.Brian Stone
1:45 p.m.Madeline Martinez
1:50 p.m.Kyle Kushman
2:00 p.m.Paula Boggs Band
2:35 p.m.
2:40 p.m.AC Braddock
2:45 p.m.
2:50 p.m.Dr. Alison Draisin PsyD
3:00 p.m.Sun Mother
3:35 p.m.Carolyn Garcia
3:40 p.m.Lynnette Shaw
3:45 p.m.Ngaio Belum
3:50 p.m.Liz Blaz
4:00 p.m.Mister Blank
4:35 p.m.
4:40 p.m.Stinkbud
4:45 p.m.Jade Stefano
4:50 p.m.Jade Stefano
5:00 p.m.Royce Castro
5:35 p.m.Alison Bigelow
5:40 p.m.Susan Squibb
5:45 p.m.Joy Beckerman
5:50 p.m.Ah Warner
6:00 p.m.High Times Cannabis Cup Awards Shows
6:35 p.m.High Times Cannabis Cup Awards Shows
6:40 p.m.High Times Cannabis Cup Awards Shows
6:45 p.m.High Times Cannabis Cup Awards Shows
6:50 p.m.High Times Cannabis Cup Awards Shows
7:00 p.m.High Times Cannabis Cup Awards Shows
8:00 p.m.Park Closes

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