Sex and Cannabis: 6 Ways You Can Enhance Your Intimacy

Published on October 23, 2015 · Last updated July 28, 2020

I have a strong preference for dating cannabis enthusiasts. It’s not just because I find sex to be more enjoyable when I’m high (although that is a real thing and will be discussed at length in a future column). The coolest part of getting high with a partner is the way that it makes me feel. I find myself more deeply connected and more energetically open when I consume with a partner.

Little empirical data on this phenomenon exists, but studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system can stimulate the production of oxytocin. A hormone produced in the hypothalamus and distributed by the pituitary gland, oxytocin is widely known as the “bonding hormone.”

The great part about consuming together? There are plenty of ways you can utilize cannabis as a bonding tool.

Share Some Shotgun Hits

Cannabis joint billowing smoke

The more experienced stoner, or the person with the greater lung capacity, should take the hit from the vape, pipe, joint, or rig. He or she then kisses the other partner and exhales slowly as the receiving partner inhales. This can take a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it’s as easy as breathing.

Cuddling is Great, But Canna-Cuddles are Even Better

Couple cuddling outside

Smoke a body-heavy strain like GDP or Northern Lights and spend time holding and cuddling with your partner with no specific agenda — just enjoy touching and caressing. Pairing cuddling with some deep eye gazing can add a deeper level of connection.

Get Up Close and Personal with That Bud

Large cannabis flower in bright room

If you’re smoking or vaping flowers, take time to visually inspect the buds. Notice all the trichomes and pistils and various colors. Close your eyes, inhale, and notice the multi-layered scent profile of the strain. When you inhale, note the flavors. Share your experience with each other — it’ll add to the intimacy of the experience.

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Prepare a Romantic Canna-Dinner Date

Couple on romantic dinner date

One of the most fun things you can do with a partner is to team up in the kitchen and create something delicious. My friend Emily* notes, “My partner and I get super creative in the kitchen, because we both love food. That’s my favorite part. Getting creative together, and then getting to enjoy the fruits of our efforts.” Here are some cannabis-infused recipes to get you started.

Try Cannabis as a Means of Care

Couple embracing each other's hands

“If I’m having cramps or a migraine, or intense anxiety, either getting weed for me or encouraging me to use it can be as helpful as (or more helpful than) bringing me Tylenol, and helps me feel taken care of by my partner,” says Katie Mack, co-host of sex and relationship podcast Carnalcopia. By extension, this could be something that’s done when your partner has had a stressful day or just needs to relax. They come home to find everything arranged — bowl packed, lighter at the ready, pipe cleaner available for cleaning.

Schedule a Nature Date

Couple sitting on bench in park facing away from camera

Take a stroll in the park, hit the beach and watch the sunset, or hike to a high-altitude lookout with sweeping views. Many cannabis users report increased appreciation of aesthetics while high, so why not use that to create a memorable date together?

A few weeks ago, I spent the weekend with a lover in San Diego and we got prodigiously high together. He arranged for a Pedicab to take us from his apartment to the nearest beach. The feeling of the wind whipping through my hair, the beauty of the stars, the way the music on the radio felt like it was written just for us — it was magical.

What other ways do you incorporate cannabis to augment your intimacy with your partner? Share your tips in the comments section, and be sure to check out these related articles:

*Name changed to preserve anonymity

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