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Are White Cheddar Cheez-Its the Perfect High Snack? We Debated the Best Munchies Ever

May 30, 2016

Just as the journey is more important than the destination, sometimes the discussion is more important than the conclusion. As such, we’re kicking off a series of informal Leafly chats published largely unabridged. Viewpoints expressed are the participants’ own. Enjoy!

Pretty much every cannabis consumer has eaten something while high and thought, “This is literally the best munchie the world has ever seen.” But really, with such a subjective topic, who’s to say who’s right and who’s wrong?

3 Fun Facts About Cannabis and Eating

In the interest of fostering intellectual discussion, we took to the office Slack channels to debate the issue – because these are the pressing sorts of questions we’re here to help answer. Our discussion transcript is below. (Spoiler alert: cheese figures heavily.)

Leafly slack chat discussion about the best cannabis munchie

The Science of Munchies: Why Does Cannabis Stimulate Your Appetite?

Header image source: Mike Mozart via Flickr