It might be time to quit blunts, and I’m sad about it

Published on September 4, 2019 · Last updated May 13, 2022
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If you’ve been keeping up with the words of Dante Jordan over the past few years, then you’ll know I absolutely love blunts. I’m all about the ritual of rolling up, and I’m all about the long-lasting sessions that come from smoking tobacco wraps. And for these reasons, I believe flower will always be the best method of cannabis consumption.

While I still and will always believe smoking flower is the best, I’m starting to feel less connected to smoking blunts—and I’m sad about it.

There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to smoking blunts. For one, blunts are long-lasting because of the thickness and chemical makeup of the wrap. And that added pinch of tobaccky definitely adds a little umph to your high.

But overall, the disadvantages of primarily burning big blunts are starting to become more and more apparent to me.

The price of Swishers

This is the single biggest reason that this article exists.


While living in Texas, the price of a 2-pack of Swisher Sweets was a smooth $1.07. However, in Seattle, because of the tobacco tax, them thangs hit you for a cool $2.41. That may be a small number for a one-time buy, but when you smoke at least three times a day, every day, that expense can really kill a budget.

When Swishers start costing more than a theater box of Gobstoppers, it’s time to look at how we’re prioritizing our funds.

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The amount of cannabis burned

When rolled properly, the average blunt will use about 0.782 grams of cannabis at the minimum. So if you cop an eighth from the local dispensary, chances are that eighth will be gone in about four blunts—or in a day or two, considering the rate at which I smoke.

That is such an inefficient way of stretching cannabis.

Sure, you can roll skimpy-ass blunts to preserve bud, time, and resources, but the stretching of a little bit of weed through a blunt makes the entire L taste like tobacco. That just brings about endless coughing fits and the thought of I should’ve just put this in a bowl. It’s a very unpleasant experience, especially for flavor chasers like ya boy.

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It distorts the taste of your weed

Speaking of flavor: While I’ve always loved blunts, I never said they were the best method for properly tasting the full flavor of your weed. You’re going to taste the wrap when smoking blunts, especially if you’re using flavored wraps (please keep Grape Swishers all the way the fuck away from me).

At a certain point—especially as we learn more about terpenes and their role in aroma, flavor, and the effects of cannabis—it’s becoming more and more important for me to reeeealllllyyyy taste only my flower upon each inhale and exhale.

The tobacco

Last, and certainly not least, as I grow older, I’ve become more health-conscious (because age makes my body hurts). That means I have to be more selective with what I put into my body, especially when it comes to the smoke in my lungs.

Tobacco wraps are a minimal amount of tobacco (unlike spliffs), but they are still tobacco, which increases the risk of things like lung cancer and looking like you’re 49 at age 28.

Because of this, and every other reason above (especially THE PRICE OF SWISHERS), it may be time for me to walk away from my beloved big boy blunts.

And I’m sad about it. *Turns on “Good Riddance” by Green Day.*

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