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Looking for High-Quality CBD Flower in Oregon? These 3 Strains Are Just for You

Published on August 24, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

CBD-rich cannabis is an excellent tool for cannabis consumers looking to harness the relaxing effects of cannabis without the euphoric punch of THC. Though many CBD-dominant strains fall flat in the aroma or flavor categories, some breeders and growers have worked hard to hone unique genetics that deliver all the wow-factor of heavyweight indoor buds without the heady razzmatazz of THC-dominant strains.

If you are visiting or are a resident of Oregon, here are few CBD-dominant trees you absolutely can’t miss.

These strains were rated and scored using Leafly’s Cannabis Rating System. To learn more about the criteria behind the score, click here.

Astal Works by Prūf Cultivar

Astral Works by Prūf Cultivar is easily the best CBD strain I’ve had in years. Its striking citrus aroma is full-bodied without being forcefully sour. The subtle notes of pepper, herbs, and hay temper the brightness of the aroma while contributing to the overall complexity of the strain’s fragrance.

The flavor was also above and beyond any CBD strain I’d ever tasted, following through from the aroma with notes of citrus and floral notes that lingered on the palate before concluding with a nice, clean finish.

Its effects are also outstanding, offering calm relaxation without beingdissociative, confusing, or distracting.

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Bleugenius by Eugenius

Bleugenius by Eugenius is an exceptional CBD-dominant flower with an interesting bud structure. Its appearance is a little out of the ordinary, expressing wispy yet beautiful, fragrant flowers covered in dazzling crystal resin.

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The sticky, oily buds express an aromatic depth that is uncharacteristic of most CBD-dominant strains, but is truly enchanting nonetheless. Notes of citrus, pine, pepper, basil, and floral spice are all underpinned by an earthy dankness that complements the strain’s odd arrangement of terpenes.

This strain tested at about 22:1 CBD to THC ratio, so the effects were clear-headed while still having a nice little perk to them.

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Cannatonic #4  by Phantom Farms

Cannatonic has been a longtime go-to option for CBD consumers, and Cannatonic #4 from Phantom Farms follows suit. While slightly less odoriferous than our other two selections, this strain still offered interesting hoppy, citrus, and honey notes that opened up into a swampy, herbal bouquet.

Cannatonic #4’s effects rounded out the experience with a mellow, clear-headed buzz that many of us described as the perfect nightcap.

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These were just a few of Oregon’s beautiful CBD-dominant strains. Breeder and producers are creating some phenomenal CBD-rich cuts that can go toe-to-toe with aromatic and flavorful THC-dominant strains, but without the intoxicating rip and roar.

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Jeremiah Wilhelm
Jeremiah Wilhelm
Jeremiah Wilhelm is a former strain researcher at Leafly.
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