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6 Shark-Themed Cannabis Strains That Pack a Powerful Bite

Published on June 26, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020

The most highly anticipated stretch of summer is here: Shark Week. It's a seven day-long marathon where we gather around our televisions to gawk, mouth agape with terror, at the aquatic beasts staring back at use with their dead eyes and rows of razor-sharp teeth. To more adequately prepare you for a week-long bout with the only sea creature to ever kill Samuel L. Jackson, here are a few strains that will have you saying, “We need a bigger boat" (or bowl).

Leafly Great White Shark sativa cannabis strain tile
  Great White Shark

The Great White Shark is the mob boss of the deep blue sea. Having survived for millions of years on the flesh of others, this creature doesn’t only have a taste for blood, it lives for it. If you manage to get your hands on its ravenous strain counterpart, take note of its fruity odor and dense coating of crystals. Indulge in this strain's pleasant olfactory and visual stimuli, because it will likely be your last, right before Great White Shark takes a bite right out of your dome-piece.

Leafly Shark Shock indica cannabis strain tile
  Shark Shock

When I think of Shock Shark, I think of some electrified abomination with gleaming bone saws for teeth and a devil-may-care attitude. This particular strain is more stunning than shocking, leaning toward full indica genetics that stink of skunks devoured by this carnivorous lightning rod floating just below the water’s placid surface.

Leafly OG Shark hybrid cannabis strain tile
  OG Shark

OG Shark makes more sense than people give it credit for. Ocean Grown Shark is the only kind of shark I’ve seen. So, knowing OG Shark began in Canada makes this cartilaginous predator slightly more polite, but it will still bite you right in the face. Canadian or not, this shark only knows mind-altering ferocity.

Leafly CBD Shark indica cannabis strain tile
  CBD Shark

CBD Shark, the only CBD strain to make the shark list, is like the squeaky rubber shark toy you might play with in the bath, except it weights two thousand pounds. While it may be less intimidating by way of its supplementary anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects, this 80/20 indica will straight bite your legs off, making leaving the couch or bed or floor slightly more difficult. But don’t even sweat it — you'll be so lit on CBD Shark you’ll barely notice your missed appendages.

Leafly Shark Bite hybrid cannabis strain tile
  Shark Bite

Shark Bite is one of Leafly’s more literal shark strains. This strain is a cross of Great White Shark and Face Off OG, which is a suitable combination for this week-long television holiday dedicated to ocean predators that have the ability to remove body parts from unsuspecting victims.

Leafly Shark Attack indica cannabis strain tile
  Shark Attack

Shark Attack is a beautiful indica-dominant cross with rather conventional genetics. Crossing Super Skunk and White Widow, one hit of this strain will have you hearing John William’s Jaws score. Every dark corridor or unlit room become a vast, inky ocean full of razor-sharp teeth. This munchie-inducing strain will have you thanking your fridge manufacturer for the tiny interior light. (Just kidding, your fridge is full of sharks, too.)

Shark Week may only happen one week a year, but you can find potent strains that will take a bite out of your anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and laziness any time at Leafly — just check our Strain Explorer for options, or take a peek at some of our recommendations for strong cannabis strains.

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Jeremiah Wilhelm
Jeremiah Wilhelm is a former strain researcher at Leafly.
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