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9 Things Popcorn Kush May Make You Do, According to Leafly Reviewers

Published on January 19, 2017 · Last updated January 5, 2022
9 Things Popcorn Kush May Make You Do, According to Leafly Reviewers

January 19th is National Popcorn Day, a time to celebrate our favorite snack that gets magically transformed from tooth-cracking kernels to light, fluffy pillows of yum. Whether you enjoy it drenched in fake movie theater butter, in Cracker Jack form, or adorned with bold flavors like Sriracha, the versatility of popcorn guarantees it to be a top treat for many snackers.

Our favorite iteration of popcorn, of course, is Popcorn Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid that actually smells and tastes like popcorn. Don’t believe me? Check out some review highlights that not only attest to its aroma and flavor, but allege that Popcorn Kush is great for a variety of things.

Popcorn Kush Makes You…

Leafly Popcorn Kush indica cannabis strain and effects

Want to Enjoy It at Movie Theaters

“They should sell this at movies in giant buckets! A little hash butter and you have a master piece!” – DroScope360

Stick to Your Seat

“Buttered popcorn is all that comes to mind. almost 100% indica too, so prepare for the couchlock! will pick this strain up again!” – redye_jedi

Sleepy and Hungry

“all this strain did was make me sleep and get the munchies, which I love..but way too strong for me!” – Anonymous

Fall in Love

“Just had a nice dance with this here lass. We went all over the place quenching our curiosities. I wrote her a two page rambling research love letter in what felt like minutes. I think I love her.” – durpe

Get Married, Apparently

“this strain help me sleep and eat but it also help get married” – jeffthekiller

Experience All the Flavors of the Popcorn Rainbow

“First puff tastes like fresh popcorn, second puff tastes like butter, last puff tastes like burnt popcorn.” – Anonymous

Better Manage PTSD

“It has helped with my PTSD and the subsequent underlying conditions. It is one of the more subtle indicas that I’ve smoked, as I still had energy to go out and accomplish tasks.” – cckrantz

Feel Focused and Inspired

“Made me feel pretty damn focused. I wrote some tunes for an album I’m working on with this here strain. Also I love that it almost a looks like popcorn.” – tedness

Feel in Touch with Psychology

“This strain was a very good high. It activated all of senses highly, I was very creative, and I was extremely relaxed. However, I was unable to drive anywhere, and I had the munchies. I experienced the WORST paranoia ever from this strain. All and all, a pretty good strain. It lets you get in touch with psychology.” – incenseandbamboo

Have you tried Popcorn Kush? If so, leave a review of the strain and tell us what you think!

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