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The Best Cannabis Strains to Pair With Beer (As Told by Leafly Reviewers)

Published on March 15, 2016 · Last updated September 8, 2022

Last week, we took a deep dive into the enjoyable and thoroughly rewarding practice of pairing your favorite cannabis strains with your favorite beer varieties. In our updated guide, you’ll find guidance on how to pair by flavors, by effects, and by both factors at once, plus an infographic pairing table, expert advice and a few recommended pairings to get you started.

Inspired by the idea of indicas and IPAs? You’re not alone. Hundreds of Leafly reviewers have shared their experiences with pairing strains and suds, and we’ve curated a few suggestions from among their reviews. Whether you’re planning to host a gathering or simply kicking back after a long day at work, let them inspire you to create your own perfect matches. Happy pairing!

Leafly "Critical Plus" hybrid cannabis strain tile
Critical Plus

“Wonderful hybrid, has the taste of citrus and pine with a hint of sandalwood. Has a few sativa qualities (uplifted and alert) but doesn’t hamper a good relax on the porch with a beer and a bowl.” –DavidAquarius

Leafly "Maui Waui" sativa cannabis strain tile
Maui Waui

“Fruity tasting, sweet aroma that reminds me of sipping a sour ale.” –GypRosetti

Leafly "Chemdawg" hybrid cannabis strain tile

“Chemdawg for me is like smoking a beer…I even tried drinking a couple of beers while smoking it and they complement each other. This is definitely a sit back and enjoy what you’re doing strain.” –blue.dream

Leafly "Sour Diesel" sativa cannabis strain tile
Sour Diesel

“Sour Diesel is the IPA of cannabis. The smell is like hops, slight citrus, lemongrass, and really reminds me of my favorite IPA style beers. The taste is a cool, smooth, herbal flavor that makes my mouth water uncontrollably the instant I inhale or even smell it.” –TheBasicPagan

Leafly "LA Confidential" indica cannabis strain tile
LA Confidential

“Settles in and you feel faaaantastic. Felt great about life, and the surroundings just seem to blur into one mass while I focused on my beer.” –nunuflies

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Leafly "Black Haze" hybrid cannabis strain tile
Black Haze

“Dark & Dank Sativa Dominant Strain with Scents of Savory Stouts in aged bourbon barrels…Tones of anise, fennel and black licorice that uplift and enlighten the spirit.” –olearyair

Leafly "Super Silver Haze" sativa cannabis strain tile
Super Silver Haze

“had an interesting, neutral and earthy taste…definitely would recommend for a nice summer day whilst enjoying a bbq, a cold beer and friends.” –jewishkush

Leafly "Blue Dream" hybrid cannabis strain tile
Blue Dream

“It’s always been a favorite. The sweet/citrusy flavor…and the real pleasant fuzziness of the high is just so refreshing. It’s like finding a great pale ale or pilsener beer in the middle of an aisle of depressing and humongously-high-alcohol porters or stouts.” –mcwriter

Leafly "Maui Bubble Gift" hybrid cannabis strain tile
Maui Bubble Gift

“A Nitrogen IPA like smoke with a confident energetic high.” –JuDoMo

Leafly "Fucking Incredible" indica cannabis strain tile
Fucking Incredible

“Usage: Perfect for a bowl in the evening hours. Sit back, have a beer, teach your cats new tricks, and enjoy the night.” –PizzaChamp420

Leafly "Blueberry Kush" indica cannabis strain tile
Blueberry Kush

“[Balanced] and robust flavors and vibrant aroma the buzz was a nice even flow and paired really well with my bottle of Olde Pagan Ale that I brought back from Norway, which I really like because a lot of really top strains do not flavor well within my beer palate of strong herbal ales.” –LuciFer1271

Leafly "Blue Power" indica cannabis strain tile
Blue Power

“Think Portlandia reruns and Shiner Bock.” –MedicalIncredible

Leafly "Dutch Treat" hybrid cannabis strain tile
Dutch Treat

“EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! I had so much fun sitting on the couch with a beer, bumpin’ some tunes and hangin’ with my bros…My life was a movie for over an hour.” –yokken

Leafly "Alaskan Thunder Fuck" sativa cannabis strain tile
Alaskan Thunder Fuck

“Fantastic high…pretty trippy and lots of laughs. Worked great during a nice evening pool side with friends and craft beers.” –jlsscbs

Leafly "Nebula" hybrid cannabis strain tile

“Alternating sips of my fav lager beer and pipe hits as I type this. The flavors complement each other and the buzz can’t be beat.” –Anonymous

Leafly "MK Ultra" indica cannabis strain tile
MK Ultra

“3 bowls had me in another world like high. Great for relaxing, having a beer and de-stressing from all the shit in the world. Inspires you. Now what are you waiting for? Spark it up!” –MK_Ultra

Reviews edited for length and clarity.

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