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A CBD Gift for Every Valentine’s Day Activity

The most romantic holiday of the year is right around the corner, and you might be wondering how to express your gratitude towards your cannabis-loving sweetie. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of CBD products that also have an intimate touch—just right for Valentine’s Day.

Leafly contributor Danielle Corcione tried a handful of products firsthand. These are the ones they’d recommend to couples this February.

For Enhanced Foreplay

Foria Awaken

(Courtesy of Foria)

Price: $48

Where to buy: foriawellness.com

From the same brand who brought you THC lube, Foria offers a CBD alternative that is widely accessible. The product has a coconut-oil base, so consumers who are prone to yeast infections should be conscious of this. Otherwise, this is a great way to incorporate CBD topically into foreplay, which may lead to a more pleasurable experience.

For Curing Skin Hunger

White Fox Nectars Illuminating Full Spectrum CBD Massage Oil

(Courtesy of

Price: $52

Where to buy: whitefoxnectars.com

Massages are an intimate way to feed skin hunger. With CBD massage oil, you’re not only getting a sensual experience, but one that can be incredibly anti-inflammatory for any physical aches and pains.

At 200mg per 100ml bottle, the product can be used to ease ailments. The application instructions also note that “increased vitality and enhanced sexual stimulation may occur.” In my own experience, the sexual effect depends on who is giving me the massage—therefore, I felt nothing arousing when my massage therapist used it.

Allay CBD Infused Body Butter

Price: $59

Where to buy: allaytopicals.com

Allay’s CBD Infused Body Butter smells like candy. The product feels extremely light, as if it’s whipped butter. Applying the butter on your partner’s skin offers a different kind of (much less messy) touch compared to massage oil. Plus, this is a vegan product if your sweetie is into that.

Relax and Unwind With These CBD Spa Treatments

CBD Daily Active Spray

(Courtesy of CBD Daily Products)

Price: $24.99

Where to buy:  cbddailyproducts.com

This is a great topical product that incorporates not just CBD, but also essential oils. I personally use this product for chronic aches and pains, so it’d make a great supplement for those suffering from chronic pain to get relief while also receiving intimacy from a partner.

For Tasty Indulgence

AUR Body Chocolate Bon Bons With CBD Hemp Oil

(Courtesy of AUR)

Price: $46.00

Where to buy: aurbody.com

A box of chocolates is more than fitting for Cupid. This assortment includes nine different flavors, such as coffee bean, salty coconut, and even peanut butter and jelly. Consider this your after-dinner treat—that is, if your partner doesn’t get to it first.

For Getting Accidentally Stoned

CanChew Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Gum

(Courtesy of CanChew)

Price: $69.99

Where to buy: canchewgum.com

If you’re like me, you might get too high from time to time by accident, especially if you’re someone who incorporates CBD into their general cannabis routine. And on a holiday like Valentine’s Day, you may not be looking to get super stoned to enjoy intimate time with your partner. When this happens, I consume CBD. And not just any type of CBD product, gum specifically gets your jaw and tongue moving, grounding you back into the moment.

According to the brand’s website, each piece of gum has 10mg of phytocannabinoids in addition to 50mg of full-spectrum natural hemp oil. The recommended daily dose is two pieces of gum, but when it comes to dodging a high, I’ve found one to be just fine.

For a Relaxing Aura

Plant Juice Oil’s Chill Out Cooling Spray

(Courtesy of Plant Juice)

Price: $15-$30

Where to buy: plantjuiceoils.com

I’m a huge fan of essential oils because of their relaxing effects. I use an oil diffuser every night before bedtime, but I also keep a few essential oil sprays on hand to illuminate a room during the day. I was stoked to learn about Plant Juice Oil’s Chill Out Spray because it combines 100% pure essential oils with CBD.

If you’re trying to set the mood in a particular spot, spray one to three times and inhale the soothing fragrance that’s not too strong, but not too dull. It’s also good to keep in your toolkit for after the mood is gone and you’re trying to fall asleep.

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Adryan Corcione

Adryan Corcione is a freelance journalist with bylines in Teen Vogue, Playboy, Vice, and more. They regularly write about cannabis and other drugs with a lens on policing.

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