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The 16 Best Strains for Valentine’s Day, as Told by Leafly Reviewers

Valentine’s Day weekend is officially upon us – and as you’re already good to go on recommendations for canna-themed gifts and cannabis lube, it’s time to think about what strain you’ll be consuming tomorrow, whether with a newfound sweetheart or your longtime spouse.

It’s easy to browse our Strain Explorer and find plenty of arousing strains, but we also scoured Leafly user-submitted reviews to find some of the most romantic strains for this holiday in particular. Some are subtly sensual, while others are incontrovertibly sexy, but they’re all great options for V-Day (or really any day spent with your lover). Pick up a gram of one of the following and let cannabis play Cupid.


Leafly Chocolope cannabis strain tile 

“Just gives you an absolute inner warmth and adoration and love for everything around you. A perfect strain for romance, music, or anything wonderful and happy. This strain simply creates love inside of me.” – xenocryst


Leafly Blackberry cannabis strain tile 

“Went and had sex with my boyfriend and was…melting for four straight hours.” – zulchini

Alice in Wonderland

Leafly Alice in Wonderland cannabis strain tile 

“Just the right mindset for getting naked, creative, and connected. It’s not a pornographic aphrodisiac – more a tantric.” – hughsnotwar


Leafly Kushage cannabis strain tile 

“OFFICIAL STRAIN OF ST. VALENTINES DAY…Enjoy, young lovers of all ages.” – CaptJack

Blue Trainwreck

Leafly Blue Trainwreck cannabis strain tile 

“It hits you right upfront, making you feel like you have drunk 2 or 3 glasses of wine. The arousal comes on strong! Grab your lover and get on it! Overall this strain is great for chilling by a fire or having sex, or even better both of those at the same time.” – TheColdOne

Blue Moonshine

Leafly Blue Moonshine cannabis strain tile 

“Great for those warm romantic & cuddly night, making music and movies come alive.” – LeroyBrown420

Snoop’s Dream

Leafly Snoop's Dream cannabis strain tile 

“Makes sex out.of.this.world…Makes orgasms last 5-8x longer… Unbelievable. A drug company wishes it had this in a pill.” – EssJayEss

White Widow

Leafly White Widow cannabis strain tile 

“I smoked half a bowl and was escorted to the pinnacle of happiness and amazement. I had no idea that a plant could make you feel so good. Euphoric. Happy. Intense but not overly. It was a truly beautiful experience…It aroused the shit out of me about 45 mins in. This should be called the sex strain. Wow. This strain should be sacred.” – Morecowbell

Lemon Kush

Leafly Lemon Kush cannabis strain tile 

“I was happy…and then I had sex….and was happy again…and then I had sex again…and I was even happier! And amazed…amazed that I had been happy, had had sex, had been happy again, had had sex again and had been even happier…and then I thought I should tell this to someone else so they’d know. And that someone else is you! Yes, you!” – Scirzo


“My husband and I had the best sex of our relationship on this strain.” – MGomsrud

Berry White

Leafly Berry White cannabis strain tile 

“Berry White seductively invites you to take your clothes off and climb into bed…” – OGB


Leafly Chemdawg cannabis strain tile 

“This strain should be renamed SEX GODDESS…should not be used with someone you are not in love with because the sex while on this strain will make you fall in love with whomever your partner in the sheets happens to be.” – James Bond

Love Potion #1

Leafly Love Potion #1 cannabis strain tile 

“Wow. So my girlfriend and I bought this, completely not making the connection between the name and effects. Needless to say, it’s done great things for both of our libidos.” – sammipear


Leafly Kryptonite cannabis strain tile 

“Far and away THE BEST strain ever for sex…massages, spas, etc. Immense feelings of empathetic connectivity allows you to enjoy giving as much as receiving – which is no small benefit!” – weazal

Blue Cheese

Leafly Blue Cheese cannabis strain tile 

“This is my girlfriend’s favorite strain for sex. And my girlfriend’s favorite strain for sex is my favorite strain for sex.” – spacejunkOG

Purple Diesel

Leafly Purple Diesel cannabis strain tile 

“#SexyAF.” – DrGrim

Comments edited for length and clarity.

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