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Leafly’s 5 top THC drinks of 2024

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Presented ByProduct PicksPublished on June 21, 2024 · Last updated July 17, 2024
best THC drinks

Sip, sip, and never have to pass with our refreshing hemp-derived THC favorites. These recommendations on the best THC drinks are made by Leafly’s Product Picks team after extensive research, internal debate, and expert consultation. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission.

One of life’s greatest pleasures is kicking back with a cold drink and good friends. THC providers all over the nation are getting savvy to this indisputable fact, and are aiming to replace alcohol as the de-facto good times enhancer.

We here at Leafly Product Picks are all for it. Of course, we’re a bit biased, and we’ll always root for the home team, but if you’re looking for a chill time, a THC beverage just makes more sense than an alcoholic one. A seltzer, shot, or soda infused with the magic molecule will give you all the same good vibes, without the hangover. Need we say more?

A quick look at the best THC drinks

Best low calorie: Vena Happy Place Seltzers

Most innovative: Cann Lemon Lavender

Best tasting: Cycling Frog Black Currant THC Seltzer

Most energizing: BRĒZ Lemon Elderflower 

Best value: five sipz THC seltzer variety pack

There’s a glut of brands out there trying to get in on the THC drinks craze, and the buzzy beverage that perfectly wets your whistle can be hard to find. That’s why we’ve been popping tops on every THC drink and social tonic we can find, so we can help you get vibing. We’re excited to share our favorite brands and beverages to stock your fridge, bar, or cooler, and help spread the good vibes nationwide, so read on for our top picks!

Best low calorie: Vena Happy Place Seltzers

• 2mg THC + 2mg CBD per can
• 40 calories per can
• Easily stackable for an elevated buzz

Vena is a colossus of the CBD wellness world. Every day, they help people all over the States lead their best lives by offering hemp-derived wellness products that encourage relaxation, pain relief, and joy. Vena’s three core values, transparency, quality, and individuality, are all readily apparent when drinking any of Vena’s seltzers. There’s something in Vena’s online shop that will help even the folks who are most alienated from their bodies and their wellness needs start to feel a bit more ready to take on the world. The only question is where you’ll start.

best THC drinks

Happy Place Seltzers

Recommended product

Escaping to a realm of pure bliss is the fantasy that keeps a lot of us going; hell, you might even be dreaming of a tropical beach somewhere as you read this. If that strikes a chord with you, then good news, pilgrim, Vena has a shortcut to help you get to where you want to go. Their line of Happy Place Seltzers does just what they say on the can: transport you to a place far away from the messy worries that permeate daily life. Each can of Happy Place has 2mg of THC and 2mg of CBD, a 1:1 ratio that gave our writers a very slight buzz, but absolutely no anxiety or tension that can come when some people consume cannabis.

What you won’t find in a can of Happy Place is anything artificially sweet that cranks up the calorie count, just delicious, all-natural Grapefruit, Black Cherry, or Guava Passionfruit flavoring. Each can of Happy Place only has 40 calories, far less than either a glass of wine or a competing alcoholic seltzer. We found a friend in Vena and their Happy Place seltzers, allowing our writers to kick back, relax, and enjoy multiple cans for an enhanced buzz without accruing the guilt that can come with having multiple alcoholic drinks. With Vena, peace is just a poptop away.

“Feeling good in our bodies can sometimes be a tough prospect, but Vena always gives us the boost we need to feel our best.”

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Most innovative: Cann Lemon Lavender

• 2mg THC + 4mg CBD per can
• Frequent limited-edition drops
• Innovative flavor combinations

Cann’s relaxed ethos has served them well over the years, but their impeccably cool exterior belies the fact that the team behind Cann is constantly pushing the seltzer envelope. They’re scientists who have dedicated themselves to studying and enhancing chill hangouts, friendly gatherings, and goddamn vibes. Cann prides themselves on concocting exciting, limited-edition flavors that tantalize the tastebuds of those whose tastes run exotic. Cann’s roster of social tonics are infused with a microdose of THC per can, making their delightful beverages an ideal partner for any sort of gathering. You can have a Cann on a Friday work lunch and not have to worry about falling asleep at your desk, or at a relative’s sporting event without sliding off the bleachers.

best THC drinks

Lemon Lavender

Recommended product

The one that started it all, and is still at the top of the heap. The original Cann has just 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD per can, a modest amount that Cann equates to around a light beer or single glass of wine. That small amount of THC is perfect for the vast majority of people to take the edge off, but it’s also a huge blessing in disguise for more experienced cannabis consumers like ourselves as well, for one big reason. After you get your first taste of Cann, you WILL want another one, we can virtually guarantee it.

While taste is subjective and your mileage may vary, our writers couldn’t get enough of the quirky charm of the Lemon Lavender flavor. We found the lavender bold enough to make its presence known but subtle enough to not upstage the lemon. This is an eminently refreshing flavor combo, one equally well suited to the beach as the bathtub, wherever you do your best de-stressing. If the Lemon Lavender flavor doesn’t sound like quite your speed, don’t give up hope. Cann also offers additional core flavors Blood Orange Cardamon and Grapefruit Rosemary, as well as specialty, limited-time flavors Ginger Lemongrass and Pineapple Jalapeno, all of which are sure to make your tastebuds dance in delight. Can’t decide on a favorite? Our advice is to try them all.

“A party that opts to stock the cooler with Cann social tonics will only have one problem: who gets the last one?”

Each and every one of Cann’s products tastes absolutely incredible, from their standard lineup to the rarest of limited-edition drops. We found that every Cann we tried didn’t have a single iota of dank, weedy taste, and trust us, we’re pros at identifying cannabis. Cann’s constant innovation also makes them one of the most rewarding outfits to follow, so make sure to regularly check their website for any new, limited-time flavors to enjoy.

Best tasting: Cycling Frog Black Currant THC Seltzer

• 5mg THC + 10mg CBD per can
• Award-winning flavors
• Wide lineup of beverage options from seltzers to hard iced teas

Cycling Frog wins immediate points for having a logo that makes us chuckle, but the team behind the charming frog is absolutely no joke. Cycling Frog consistently puts out some of the tastiest THC beverages to be found in the field, from their famous seltzers to a new, delicious hard iced tea. They are real artisans, putting rare care and craft into their hemp-derived line of beverages and edibles, and we’ve certainly taken notice. The award-winning Cycling Frog roster contains products for all stripes of cannabis consumers that maintain a level of quality that means that nobody is left out of the party. Simply put, they’re vibesmiths, expertly helping us all to chill out and enjoy a smooth, stylish ride.

best THC drinks

Black Currant THC Seltzer

Recommended product

From the second we brought Cycling Frog’s Black Currant THC seltzer to our lips, we knew we were dealing with something special. While some seltzers are so bland they taste more like they’re being haunted by the ghost of a flavor than the flavor itself, Cycling Frog bucks the trend and offers a not-too-sweet seltzer that positively bursts with flavor. We found that we were so enamored with the delectably fruity flavor that we burned through our six-pack of seltzers remarkably quickly, so take heed; if you are hoping to stock a cooler with Cycling Frog, make sure you bring more than enough for all your friends. Trust us, you do NOT want to deal with the hurt feelings of the person last in line who doesn’t get to enjoy what Cycling Frog has to offer.

It’s not just us who have fallen in love with Cycling Frog. Their seltzers recently took home the gold in the 2024 LA Spirits “High Spirits” contest, no small feat, and one the team at Cycling Frog are justly proud of. After some heated internal debate, our team decided we preferred the Black Currant flavor, and judging by Cycling Frog’s sales figures, we aren’t alone. However, Cycling Frog also offers Wild Cherry, Ruby Grapefruit, Passionfruit Guava, and Blueberry Yuzu flavors if Black Currant isn’t your vibe, all of which made a great impression on our team. Each can of Cycling Frog seltzer is loaded with 5mg of hemp-derived THC and 10mg CBD, the ideal amount for sipping throughout the evening to relax and recharge. When you need a little help getting the good times rolling, Cycling Frog has the crowd-pleasing flavor that will make any get-together a hit.

“Cycling Frog has such a mastery of THC seltzers that we want to ride on the handlebars and simply go wherever they take us. Pedal on, Frog, pedal on.”

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Most energizing: BRĒZ Lemon Elderflower 7.5oz

• 2.5mg THC + 5mg CBD + 25mg Lion’s Mane extract per can
• Unique Lion’s Mane mushroom formula
• Gentle, lemon-elderflower flavor without cannabis or mushroom aftertaste

BRĒZ is a unique, trend-bucking sort of brand, one that doesn’t limit themselves to conventional wisdom or ill-fitting pigeonholes. They went outside the box by combining THC and Lion’s Mane mushroom extract to produce a unique take on the THC-infused social tonic, filling a niche that our writers didn’t know they desperately needed. Every BRĒZ can that comes off the line invites you to “Live Free,” a motto exemplified by their no-guilt, all-natural energy products and ethos of sourcing from non-GMO, organic sources. There’s a whole new type of wellness out there thanks to BRĒZ, and we can’t wait to see how this innovative brand evolves next.

best THC drinks

Lemon Elderflower 7.5oz

Recommended product

While most THC-infused beverages are trying to compete with and replace an alcoholic beverage of some type, whether it’s beer, hard seltzer, or spirits, BRĒZ has taken a different tact. Our team found that BRĒZ had a wonderful clarifying, energizing effect on our bodies and minds, one that reminded us of a light daytime sativa smoke sesh, rather than the mind-dulling effects induced by alcohol. It’s all thanks to the mushrooms—with 25mg of concentrated, Micronized Lion’s Mane extract in each small can, we experienced an energy boost comparable to a caffeinated beverage.

Our writers who either drink coffee from morning to night or opt for a 3 p.m. energy drink to power through the workday equally found that the boost they discovered by cracking open a BRĒZ was comparable to their other energy sources, without being so hard on their stomachs. We also found that the 2.5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD in each can did a wonderful job of helping us relax, and even focus, without the unpleasant jitteriness associated with caffeine. Stock up on BRĒZ and never fear the midday lull again.

“BRĒZ helped us skip the coffee break and go another way. Who knew Lion’s Mane and THC went together better than chocolate and peanut butter?”

Best value: five sipz THC seltzer variety pack

• 2mg THC + 2mg CBD per can
• Subscribe and save up to 20%
• Low-calorie formula

A longtime mainstay of the hemp industry, five are one of our favorite brands thanks to their cool, casual vibe. They’re out to help the world relax for an affordable price because five knows that there’s nothing quite as stress-relieving as a great deal. They make consistent, flavorful full-spectrum hemp and delta-9 THC isolate products that deliver regular relief that you can rely on without having to make a significant carve out in your budget. Brands like five aren’t just content to be the least expensive option either; they aim for the highest vector of quality while maintaining an eminently reasonable price point, making five an S-Tier option for stocking a party.

best THC drinks

sipz THC seltzer variety pack

Recommended product

As you may have already sussed out, sipz was specifically designed for sipping and deserves to be sipped with your best buddies. A selection of 2mg THC and 2mg CBD sipz seltzers will expertly lubricate a trip to the water, a tailgate party, a backyard cookout, or a movie night, as even the pickiest of friend groups will find something to love with sipz variety of flavors. We recommend stocking up with a variety six-pack of the Black Cherry, Guava Passionfruit, and Grapefruit flavors to either experiment with by yourself or to bring to a function. We found that arriving with a variety pack of sipz in hand will net a savvy partygoer a reception that can only be rivaled by the pizza guy.

Our writers also loved how easy it was to save when selecting sipz. If you sign up for weekly delivery through the sipz subscription service, five will cover the cost of shipping. That makes the already low price of $23.99 even more reasonable and has the added advantage of taking one layer of the busywork out of keeping your fridge stocked with delectable sipz drinks.

“We love that five is so cool that they don’t even worry about capitalization. We could all use a little more of that energy, and luckily, five has plenty of it in stock.”

Use code LEAFLY25 for 25% off your one-time purchase at checkout. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Excludes bundles and subscriptions.

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Final thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of the best THC drinks to be found in 2024, and we also hope we didn’t make you too thirsty. If you’re still feeling a bit parched, make sure to regularly check back on this article to see what fun new drinks our team has dug up. Also, keep an eye out for more best-of lists and roundups from Leafly Product Picks to make sure you’re drinking, eating, and smoking the best of the best. Be well! 

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