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New Strains Alert: Saturn OG, Critical Haze, The Truth, 3X Crazy, and Sour Tangie

This week's new strains survey a wide variety of effects and genetic origins. First up is Saturn OG, a hybrid strain related to OG Kush that makes up part of a "planetary series" that also includes Earth OG and Jupiter OG. Our other new hybrids include Critical Haze and The Truth, both of which come from familiar and legendary genetics. Sour Tangie comes from DNA Genetics, a strain that provides that creative buzz that so many sativa-lovers pursue. Last but not least, 3X Crazy unites three giants in cannabis breeding: OG Kush, Bubba Kush, and Granddaddy Purple.

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   1. Saturn OG

Characteristics of Saturn OG:

   2. Critical Haze

Characteristics of Critical Haze:

   3. The Truth

Characteristics of The Truth:

   4. 3X Crazy

Characteristics of 3X Crazy:

   5. Sour Tangie

Characteristics of Sour Tangie: