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Simply Crafted evolves again with Minnesota cannabis legalization: Find high-quality seeds & low-potency products

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Presented BySimply Crafted | 25% OFF with code LEAFLYPublished on September 27, 2023
This article is sponsored by Simply Crafted. Image courtesy of Simply Crafted.

Celebrate legalization with Minneapolis’ hometown heroes.

Simply Crafted has been holding it down in Minneapolis for a few years now, providing awesome hemp products online and in-store. But since their home state of Minnesota has finally embraced a higher calling by voting to legalize cannabis on August 1st, they’re excited to officially say they’re expanding their operations even further.

You can try low-potency edibles from Simply Crafted now for free. Use code TRYFREE at checkout. Including 5mg hemp-derived THC. Just pay the price of shipping or choose in-store pickup.

Simply Crafted’s brick-and-mortar store in the heart of Minneapolis is stocked with some of  Minnesota’s top brands, offering high-quality hemp delta-9 THC products with sweet-spot potency available now—and they’ve launched their own brand of cannabis seeds, Jane’s Reserve. That’s all in addition to their legendary existing lineup of edibles, drinks, and more.

Although undoubtedly extremely stoke-worthy, cannabis legalization and the ins and outs of how it affects you can be deceptively complicated—but don’t sweat! Your local source of quality hemp products, Simply Crafted, is here to help you navigate this exciting new landscape.

Let’s jump in and examine what exactly the new state law means for both canna-curious consumers and long-time enjoyers of cannabis who might be returning to the fold or finally bringing their hobby out into the daylight. Then, we’ll take a look at how Simply Crafted can get you equipped with everything you need to enjoy this new era.

A brave new world

Simply Crafted
Courtesy of Simply Crafted

When the legislature finally legalized cannabis for recreational use back in March of 2023, a whole lot changed for Minnesota. It’s been a long, strange road to get here, and now it’s time to kick back and celebrate with some legal weed. Cannabis is now officially legal in Minnesota as of August 1st, although, that comes with some caveats. 

For insight on Minnesota’s new cannabis law, look to the hometown heroes

We won’t get into all the nitty-gritty details of the dos and don’ts of the law here—we’ve talked about that elsewhere on Leafly if you’re interested in a deeper dive—but suffice it to say that recreational dispensaries won’t be open in the state of Minnesota for some time yet.

While it’s not yet possible to purchase cannabis from a dispensary, you are able to grow a handful of plants for personal use.

Now, that may sound like some bad news, but relax. There are two big pluses to the law, and Simply Crafted is the outfit to help you make the most of both of them. 

The first piece of good news is that, while it’s not yet possible to purchase cannabis from a dispensary, you are able to grow a handful of plants for personal use. Starting up a homegrow and testing your green thumb is a great way to learn the ins and outs of cannabis if you’re a newbie to the world, and experienced growers will say that growing your own cannabis is a powerful way to develop a deeper connection with the plant.

Even though Minnesotans are not yet able to purchase cannabis themselves, buying seeds is fair game, so there’s nothing stopping you from starting up a small home garden today and enjoying the fruits of your labor come harvest time. 

The second bright spot in the new law is the fact that low-potency cannabis products—anything under 5mg THC—are also available to purchase as of August 1st.

You don’t need to head to a dispensary for these products; a unique quirk of the Minnesota law is that low-potency cannabis products, like those offered by Simply Crafted, are not able to be sold at the same location as high-potency products. That means you can order online from anywhere in Minnesota and have low-potency THC from Simply Crafted sent right to your door, today. 

We’ll take a quick look at what sort of products you might be able to find online at Simply Crafted’s website, or at their brick-and-mortar location in Minneapolis, but first, let’s meet the newest addition to the Simply Crafted family and your new source for seeds, Jane’s Reserve.

Have you met Jane?

Simply Crafted
Courtesy of Simply Crafted

Growing your own cannabis is a great way to get your hands on some high-quality cannabis before dispensaries open, but the benefits go a whole lot farther than that. For one, growing your own cannabis can be a lot more economical than making regular visits to a dispensary.

Tending cannabis from seed to smoke also allows growers to have a lot more control over the final product, ensuring the ideal smoking experience for your preferences. For Minnesotans looking to dive into cannabis for the first time, there are few better ways than growing the plant yourself. 

Both newbie growers and experienced cannabis cultivators who are searching for a trustworthy source of seeds need look no further than Jane’s Reserve, a member of the Simply Crafted family.

Jane’s Reserve offers autoflowering, feminized, and standard seeds with top-notch genetics, produced with love in the North Star State. The team at Jane’s Reserve is passionate about offering Minnesota cannabis growers a local seed bank that equals the quality of seedbanks found anywhere else.

Jane’s Reserve offers an impressive selection of strains, with national favorites and hidden gems both represented. You’ll be able to find seeds of famous strains like Pink Runtz, FPOG, and Green Crack, as well as lesser-known rarities like Miss DNA.

Jane’s Reserve seeds meet the highest standards, as you might expect from a member of the Simply Crafted family, but they won’t break the bank either. You can pick up a pack of ten Jane’s Reserve seeds for just $60 and start your growing journey today. 

High-quality, low-potency 

Even though recreational dispensaries aren’t estimated to open until 2025, you can still get low-potency THC edibles, drinks, flower, and more from Simply Crafted. Don’t get it twisted, these low-potency products aren’t some sort of opening act to tide Minnesotans over until the main event—low-potency THC products have a niche all their own. These sorts of items will continue to exist alongside the more traditional forms of THC available from a dispensary in 

Minnesota, it’s just good fortune that these products are available sooner. 

When you’re a bit hungry and looking for a light snack then you aren’t going to want to eat a four-course meal, and the same logic holds true for THC. Low-potency products offer a desirable alternative to their full-strength counterparts, offering a light, gently lifted high that won’t leave one feeling too “stoney” or couch-locked. 

Many consumers find the sub 5mg dose just right for their needs, and exploring low-THC products is a great way to experiment with cannabis for those who haven’t tried it. If you’re returning to cannabis after a few years or decades, you may have found that weed has gotten a lot stronger while you were away. If that sounds familiar, then low-potency products, like those from Simply Crafted, could be just what you need.

Simply Crafted
Courtesy of Simply Crafted

Simply Crafted’s lineup of hemp-derived low-potency THC products is enough to keep you spoiled for choice, no matter what format you prefer. They’ve got dozens of edibles, drinks, tinctures, and topicals as well as extensive CBD offerings for both people and pets.

Simply Crafted offers same-day shipping from their website, and those who live in the Twin Cities area can stop by Simply Crafted’s storefront at 726 Central Ave NE and celebrate legalization by browsing their vast offerings in person.

To top it all off, you can even try low-potency edibles from Simply Crafted now for free. Head to this page, select from blackberry, watermelon, or peach 5mg gummies, and use code TRYFREE at checkout. You’ll receive the gummies for free, all you have to do is pay the price of shipping or head into the Minneapolis store to pick up your order. 

Simply Crafted
Courtesy of Simply Crafted

You can read more about Simply Crafted on their website, where you can find information about what motivates the Simply Crafted team, read FAQs, and check out their blog. You can also follow Simply Crafted on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep updated with all the new products they have in store. 

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