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Strain Highlight: Sour Tsunami, the CBD Tidal Wave

If you haven’t yet heard about CBD (or cannabidiol), we’ve got some reading homework for you. Reducing it to a Sparknotes explanation, CBD is a non-psychoactive constituent of the cannabis plant that patients use to treat epilepsy, cancer, arthritis, pain, anxiety, and many other conditions.

Strains like Sour Tsunami are bred to contain high amounts of CBD and can be consumed just like any THC-rich strain: as a flower, as an oil, as a tincture or topical — whatever suits your fancy. Better yet, its non-intoxicating properties have made marijuana a medical option for patients who need a clear mind.

Sour Tsunami is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an earthy citrus aroma. An elaborate breeding process involving Sour Diesel and an obscure local variety called Ferrari brings us this unique Sour Tsunami phenotype also known as Sour Tsunami #3.

Sour Tsunami may be non-psychoactive, but this 60% sativa strain still exhibits unique effects that separate it from other strains. Take the high-CBD indica Remedy, for example: a few deep breaths of this strain and you’ll be nodding off in blissful relaxation. Comparatively, Sour Tsunami is hardly detectable beyond the relief it provides to both body and mind.


Linalool: 77.53%
Caryophyllene: 8.84%
y-Terpinene: 6.63%


CBD: 12.53%
THC: 0.09%
CBG: 0.70%
CBC: 0.14%

CBD strains are a great option for patients who need to be fully functional throughout their day, but others need THC to get the full therapeutic potential of cannabis. The interaction of cannabis compounds, also called the “entourage effect,” is an increasingly important area of medical marijuana study. Research has already shown that CBD modulates the effects of THC by potentiating its benefits and protecting against anxiety.

Whether you’re looking for better relief of your symptoms or just trying to take the paranoid edge off of that high THC strain, including CBD varieties like Sour Tsunami in your regimen could very likely elevate your appreciation of the cannabis plant.

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