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The Leafly Strain Reviews Hall of Fame: Your Review Could Win You Some Leafly Gear!

Welcome to a new year and a new Strain Reviews Hall of Fame!

And now for something completely different…..For all you poets, dreamers, and hilarious reviewers, you are in for a treat! We’ve selected our 10 favorite reviews from January and will be sending out Leafly swag to the winners — if you see your user name and review listed, we’ll be sending you an email later this week.

And the winners are…


Trainwreck Strain Review

Leafly Trainwreck cannabis strain tile

This strain is not for the faint of heart, but it’s certainly for the focused, energetic and speedy of mind!

Winning review written by maxximillian:

If you need to paint your bedroom, walk 10 miles or unpack an entire estate, this bud's for you. I love, love, love this strain.


Durban Poison Strain Review

Leafly Durban Poison cannabis strain tile

Another energetic strain to get your day going – just watch out for those nosy neighbors…

Winning review written by odogg0824:


2 solid hits resulted in a long-lasting, uplifting, energetic frame of mind. During the ride I went for a run, did laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, and paid my bills. Pretty good mental clarity, an unexpected talk with the neighbor didn't really throw me.


Tangerine Dream Strain Review

Leafly Tangerine Dream cannabis strain tile

Caution: Dry mouth may occur. (And watch out for those crunch berries cutting up the roof of your mouth!)

Winning review written by sausagemike:

Some gnarly dry mouth did happen, but it made grocery shopping fun. Took me 10 minutes to pick out a cereal. I went with Captain Crunch (with berries)


Sour Diesel Strain Review

Leafly Sour Diesel cannabis strain tile

Two equally magical strain reviews were inspired by this fan favorite. Whether it’s kittens or unicorns, Sour D is sure to inspire your whimsy!

Winning reviews written by sparkyh and catnabliss:

It feels like a good fog creeping up on you on a cold winter night. Like a kitty in a blanket.

Makes me feel like a unicorn tickled my soul.


Strawberry Cough Strain Review

Leafly Strawberry Cough cannabis strain tile

Strawberry Cough – you’ll cough, you’ll giggle, you might think you have telekinetic powers. (But you’re probably just high.)

Winning review written by MCapers:

I spent an hour trying to move the TV remote with my mind. It was in my hand.


Trinity Strain Review

Leafly Trinity cannabis strain tile

This user was so inspired by this strain, he or she created an account just to leave this heartrending ode to the love between Spock and Kirk. A thing of beauty, Star Trek is…

Winning review written by Trinity Kirk:

Powerful skunky smell, had me feeling like captain Kirk when he was getting blasted by warp core radiation, hand pressed against the glass in desperation and love for his friend Spock on the other side…


Candy Jack Strain Review

Oh, the 90’s – land of big hair and cheesy sitcoms, where no colors clashed and there was nothing funnier than Saved by the Bell. How on earth could you go wrong with that combo?

Leafly Candy Jack cannabis strain tile

Winning review written by madbird:

i honestly feel like I'm in the 1990s when I'm on it, and I know that sounds great but it's not


Island Sweet Skunk Strain Review

Leafly Island Sweet Skunk cannabis strain tile

This review is so perfectly descriptive, we wanted to illustrate it. Instead, we recommend taking a few sweet puffs of Island Sweet Skunk and letting your imagination ride that Starburst wave!

Winning review written by SomeguyAZ:

Strong pain relief, it's like the Hawaiian Punch guy surfed in on a wave of Starburst and decked my migraine in the face.


Sensi Star Strain Review

Leafly Sensi Star cannabis strain tile

And with that, we leave you with the inner musings of a poetic wordsmith who will take you on a magical journey, along with Sensi Star and Tom Cruise (errr….wait…Com Truise?)…

Winning review written by Snowmeh:

Sensi Star hits you, then leaves you with a soothing high and stars flowing through your body. As amazing as it is sitting dazzled on a bench, it is also recommendable to smoke this staggering supernova while driving a bike and having tail wind. A sensational trip follows, where your bike glides smoothly over the ground, while your hands are left stupefied on your handlebars. The lights around you morph into an array of pulsars that would make Com Truise fluctuate as you float through a superficial extend of the universe. As the space settles down, and you find your way down to earth, it leaves you mesmerized and amazed about your venture, and bequeaths a calm and whole feeling to you.

Congratulations to our creative reviewers! Want to win some Leafly gear of your own? Just leave a review of a strain you've tried and you could be one of next month's lucky winners!

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Lisa Rough

Lisa is a former associate editor at Leafly, where she specialized in legislative cannabis policy and industry topics.

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