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These delta-8 disposable vapes let you bring holiday cheer with you

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Presented ByCBD MallPublished on November 30, 2022
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Pocket-sized convenience with a mellow high perfect for encouraging holiday merriment.

For an instant dose of holiday cheer, look no further than delta-8 disposable vapes. Kings of convenience when it comes to getting high on the go, disposable vapes offer the low-smell, small-size sweet spot of vape pens with an added boost of affordability and endless, easy-to-find variety options.

With the holidays in full swing, there are plenty of reasons you’d want an easy way to take a high with you. If you’re off to gather with friends to celebrate the season or want to preemptively soothe the stress of a busy holiday shopping trip, a disposable vape can be the perfect pocket-sized companion to help usher in good vibes. 

A delta-8 disposable vape can be just the pocket-sized campanion to help usher in good vibes for the holidays.

Delta-8 disposable vapes can be particularly well-matched to the hustle and bustle of the season for a few key reasons. The effects of delta-8 THC are said to share many similarities with those of its close chemical cousin, traditional delta-9 THC or the THC you think of as associated with a cannabis high, but are much less potent.

A mellow, functional buzz can set you at the ideal level for a boost of euphoria to get you in the spirit without sitting you on the couch when you need to be up decorating, baking cookies, or otherwise making the season bright.

Another benefit of delta-8 disposable vapes is that because the oil is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight, these products are Farm Bill-compliant and legal at the federal level. In many states nationwide, you can get delta-8 disposable vapes delivered conveniently to your door. Be sure to check your local laws and the available shipping states listed by the producer you’re shopping from, as some states have restrictions specific to delta-8 products.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the delta-8 disposable vapes that stand out as this year’s highlights to help encourage an especially happy & stress-free holiday. You can shop this list and check it twice before filling your cart with your favorites for the season.

Where to find delta-8 disposable vapes

delta-8 disposable vapes
Courtesy of CBD Mall

When you’re shopping for delta-8 disposable vapes, it’s important to look for the key hallmarks of a reputable producer. First and foremost, there should always be third-party lab test results for the specific product you’re shopping clearly and easily accessible either on the product packaging itself, posted online, or ideally, both. Another good quality indicator to look out for is if the producer lists where the hemp used in its products is sourced.

Treat yourself with delta-8 edibles from CBD Mall

CBD Mall is one such hemp product hub that carries products featuring USA-grown hemp and always has third-party lab test results readily available for each of their products. An additional benefit of shopping from a source like CBD Mall is that they have customer reviews, educational resources, and live customer support all easily accessible on each product page so you can feel confident you understand what you’re picking out.

Delta-8 disposable vapes wishlist

To help you get in the swing of the season, here are some highlights from CBD Mall’s deep catalog of delta-8 disposable vapes.

Chill Plus Wedding Cake delta-8 disposable vape

delta-8 disposable vapes
Courtesy of CBD Mall

This supersized disposable vape from the Chill Plus brand comes filled with 1600mg of delta-8 extract to keep you buzzing through the bustle of the holidays. With the hemp extract and natural terpenes selected, this disposable aims to recreate the aromas and effects of 2019 Leafly Strain of the Year winner, Wedding Cake, featuring sweet, earthy flavors and balanced effects. It’s a great option for holiday movie marathons or white elephant parties.

Fresh Blue Dream delta-8 disposable vape

delta-8 disposable vapes
Courtesy of CBD Mall

Fresh-brand delta-8 disposable vapes are said to deliver an especially crisp, clean-feeling puff. This disposable highlight from the brand is filled with 900mg of delta-8 extract in a Blue Dream variety, another favorite strain for Leafly readers. Lightly sweet with effects falling on the energizing side of the spectrum, this Blue Dream delta-8 disposable would fit in well as your companion at holiday parties or when you venture out for winter-weather fun.

Alibi Sour Diesel delta-8 disposable vape

delta-8 disposable vapes
Courtesy of CBD Mall

Delta-8 disposable vapes from Alibi are another great pocket-sized pick to look out for available from CBD Mall. This Sour Diesel option from the brand packs 920mg of delta-8 extract into a sturdy, take-anywhere disposable. Sour Diesel is famous for its stress-melting effects, so consider this highlight if you’re preparing for one of the holiday season’s more hectic moments & thank yourself later.

With these trusty highlights and more online, you’re sure to find something that helps light up your holidays. CBD Mall is a great source for delta-8 disposable vapes and a whole host of other hemp-based products—you can explore their offerings from CBD creams to HHC edibles to find something for everyone on your list. 

delta-8 disposable vapes
Courtesy of CBD Mall

Leafly novel cannabinoid disclaimer: Use and possession may be restricted by law. This product may expose you to harmful chemical byproducts.

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