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We Made Dabs With a $299 Walmart Rosin Press

August 24, 2017
(Clayton Kimbell/Leafly)
A few weeks ago, one of our writers noticed something odd., the online arm of the world’s largest retailer, was selling a rosin press for a measly $299.

For a store that doesn’t seem to carry a single bong, Walmart was surprisingly open about the fact it was hawking a cannabis contraption. The item description called the Rosineer NRN-MV1 a “manual rosin press dab machine” that’s “especially suitable [for] flowers or buds.”

So we did what any cannabis fans with access to a company credit card would do: We bought one.


Walmart Is Selling a $299 Cannabis Rosin Press, So We Bought One

When it arrived, Leafly cannabis expert Will Hyde and I met up to give it a spin. Here’s how it went:



Our Verdict

Overall, the Rosineer NRN-MV1 is an affordable alternative to most DIY rosin-making methods. It squished out considerably more concentrate than other at-home options and was way less exhausting than using a hair straightener. If you’ve got access to an abundance of high-quality flower and want to make solventless (and delicious!) extracts at home, it’s a worthwhile option to consider.


Beyond Aluminum: In Search of the Best Stainless-Steel Grinder

That said, it’s not the right choice for everyone. While the yields were higher than the hair-straightener method, the Rosineer didn’t produce as much concentrate as we would’ve liked. The plates fluctuated in temperature, didn’t line up perfectly flush with one another, and could only apply so much pressure. (More expensive presses are pneumatic, but those can run upward of $1,000.)

Ultimately, the Rosineer NRN-MV1’s $299 price tag might seem like a bargain, but given the high cost of good flower—and the fact that low-quality flower produces hardly any rosin at all—it probably makes more financial sense to pony up for a more professional model.

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Ben Adlin

Ben Adlin is a Seattle-based writer and editor who specializes in cannabis politics and law. He was a news editor for Leafly from 2015-2019. Follow him on Twitter: @badlin

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  • Curtis Q. Fardon III

    That’s Cool,,,, I’m definitely into looking for a Rosin machine in the coming months,,, I’m glad you guys did that video, I was wondering about that Rosin machine at Wal-Mart after I seen it

    • Brianna Oxhandler

      That looks like way too much work, I bet that handle doesn’t last a month. If you are looking for something to do at home for fun it might be adequate, but not for any kind of real usage.

      • D Nofzinger

        Totally agree!
        It’s sort of like a cool party trick. If you need to spend $300 on a party trick…

      • FLW

        They did make the handle only barely long enough to get the press to lock. The guys had trouble sometimes. If you get a pipe that’s about 6 or 8 inches longer than the handle and slip the pipe over the handle, that should increase the torques and make it easier to get that last millimeter of travel. Then you’d have to worry about being gentle, or else you’ll break the handle that much faster. Or strip the gears…

    • Legalize420

      Hey. If you want a good rosin press your going to need to spend, but this is an overpriced gimmick. There are plenty of bad presses like this out there. You honestly only get a small return and same as straighter as you are only adding a bit more pressure not much at all.

      You need at least a 60000-80000psi press. That will get you the return and quality your after. Look up pufftuff or (I don’t like these I’d never buy one as they are overpriced but give better results than this Walmart one called NUGSMASHER) also there’s another I know of I want to recommend. I think udab or bdab I can’t remember. I am only recommending presses worth the money not presses that are cheap. Heat+pressure=rosin quality+return. Too much heat you kill and burn terps. Too little pressure the trichombs will be wasted and still on the nug.trichombs are different in size so some are easier to work with than others. Also, if your not using sifted kief or kief/hash you should at least be using micron rosin bags as it aids pressing very well. Someone I know recommends shobags. Last thing you want to see in your rosin is plant particles and material/little green shards or dots. That’s not quality or clean or good rosin.

      Another thing these people aren’t doing which is sad is REPRESSING the pressed nug. There’s ways more left after initial press. The quality isn’t there. U can see they aren’t pressing right but the press is basically an overpriced straightner+clamp in in larger eye appealing package.

  • Gizmo05

    Awesome! Im glad this came about because ive been wanting to do the hair dryer method and buy my paper from walmart lol. Ill look into better things now! Great article!

    • FLW

      I thought it was a hair “curler.” Not that either makes sense, unless you’re supposed to beat the bud with the butt of the hair curler. Or dryer.

      Wait; point the hair dryer at the stash? Or suck it into the intake? Like an electric powered Power Hitter?

      Remember, just because your ears don’t hurt doesn’t mean that you’re not playing the music too loud. Robert Plant screamed it to me in a dream.

      • Raul Tsi

        LOL. I can just picture the fog machine effect. Not exactly conserving the expensive flowers using that method. More like a Spicoli scene

    • Kaos

      It’s actually a hair Straightener you need, flat surfaces.

  • jimbro44

    Great article and video. Seems like a fair assessment… not for me so I’m glad I got to still see how it functions!

  • Two Bears

    I wouldn’t waste my time pressing flowers. Pressing dry sift and bubble hash are the way to go.

    • Elisa Osborne Kappelmann

      I love to press bubble hash. Get about an 80% return…

      • Two Bears

        Right on the money! 75-82% yield when pressing hash or dry sift.

        Don’t waste my time pressing flower.

        Buds ground frozen and dry sift.

        Trim made into bubble hash

      • Two Bears

        Yes.pressing hash snd dry sift is great!

    • Ike

      This is new i never heard anything about pressing sift or hash? I always thot once its turned to sift and hash its dun never thot could turn to something else.

      • Two Bears

        You sure can!

        Once i have the Rosin from the hash or sift its truly only the beginning.

        Put rosin in alcohol and make a tincture. I do 1 gram rosin with 10 ml Everclear. My tinctures are POTENT. About 4.5 mg cannabinoids per drop.

        Vaporize the Rosin in my wax atomizer

        Make Rosin into eJuice so i can get pain relief and not smell like i smoked pot.

        You’d be surprised what you can do with hash or dry sift.

        Example you can smoke hash. But a little heat and pressure you can turn dry sift into hash and smoke it too

        • Swoop_g

          I’m interested in how you make ejuice. My attempts always end up with thicker juice that doesn’t ‘flow’ through ecip atomizers. Also do you rebuild your own coils or use something like a kanger subtank coil?

          • Two Bears

            Yes i use a Kayfun Lite Plus. Rebuildable atomizer.

            Here is how i make my ejuice.

            I start with 40 ml eJuice 60% vegetable glycerin 40% propylene glycol. Both VG and PG are USP grade.

            Iput 3 grams of KIEF with 40 ml ejuice ob heat and keep the heat at 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit and keep it there for two hours.

            You will yield 28-32 ml ejuice.

            After two hours remove from heat and allow to cool and filter the waxes and lipids out of the eJuice with a cone coffee filter. Do not use a basket filter. The pores of a cone coffee filter is much smaller than pores of a basket coffee filter.

            If the atomizer has problems wicking. You will want a higher percentage of Propylene GLycol and lower percentage of Vegetable Glycerin

  • Patricia Silverman

    interesting Facebook will not allow this article

    • kirkmcloren

      Zuckerberg is a NWO asshat

    • Legalize420

      I want to see everyone who cares about freedom and this country and patriotism to follow my lead and boycott Facebook, twitter and only use TOR or other browsers that hide your ISP/location as I do. I am personally disgusted by censorship and ignoring it just because is blind ignorance. I’m saying people that ignore stuff that’s wrong and do nothing they feel is right simply because the result could “interfere” with their everyday lives. Our fathers who made this country surely went about life as necessary, but once something incorrect to freedom was started they stopped to take notice and correct it. Even in Germany people who had a heart hid Jews from disgusting persecution.
      I’m not directing this toward anyone just saying as Facebook won’t allow it and I was banned from IG for just talking about growing, breeding, seeds, where you obtain em, offerjng em etc. Also i posted about how i refuse to censor myself for others as its others jobs to ignore what they dont like.thats cf alles freedom of expression. So FUCK MarkFuckerberg and any peraon or program no matrer how nice or usefull, do not support or use or give into mindless controll. We must break free from this mess once again. You cant even view most websites online anymore either.lime china we have most out of country stuff blocked also. Like on youtube i couldnt watch videos from japan or jamacia or spain and i couldnt access chinese, japanese, and Netherland based sites i used to.
      I will make these incorrect absurdities known and i will NOT be silenced.i like disquss simply as through posts i habe found they do not ban u based on what type of responses u make.thats good.

      Stay lifted and keep information and keep mentionimg atrocities like blocking of news as thats VERY wrong. Freedom of Press is VERY VERY VERY much important to you, me, and everyone else who cares about their life and freedoms and is against seneless controll. Also freedom of press/blogs/articles etc are also VERY CRUCIAL to legalization and the ending of cannabis prohibition! Thank you.

  • RogerO

    Google this — “Arbor press for sale” — I didn’t hear how much pressure the Walmart press achieves, but I think it’s probably comparable. If the presence of heat isn’t a deal breaker, you can find a plain one-ton arbor press for maybe $50 from an industrial equipment dealer. One-ton, two-ton, three-ton arbor presses (the pressure they are able to reach) Thanks for a very interesting video!

  • Kristofor Gullickson

    Very Interesnih, Walmart))???? Hahaha 💌

  • Joseph Montes

    Still stick to the hair straightener. It will do as just good as a job as this Rosin press, nothing special about it.

  • Lace Jacobsen

    Hey that was great guys!!! On the rosen press!. Hopefully Walmart will sell Me a good cheap purging oven!!… 😉

  • Austin

    Calling cannabis extracts “dabs” perpetuates a completely negative (and flat-out wrong) media image and public portrayal of a life-saving oil that cannabis concentrates are meant to be, and I would appreciate it greatly if you all stopped and rephrased your wording in order to continue the trend of casting this plant in a positive light, please!!

  • Robin George

    I can get more yield from my hair straightener and vice clamp lol.